Published: Sat, November 09, 2019
Sci-tech | By Patricia Wade

Mercury to Take a Rare 'Transit' of the Sun on Monday

Mercury to Take a Rare 'Transit' of the Sun on Monday

The planet Mercury will appear as a tiny, circular silhouette on the face of the sun as it undergoes an nearly flawless syzygy with the sun and Earth. Instead, the planet will look like a freckle on the face of the sun as illustrated in the photo above, and the video below.

As Mercury and Venus lie within the orbit of the earth, they sometimes come exactly between us and the sun, and can be seen crossing the face of the sun for the duration of a few hours.

Now you'll glean the prospect to survey this mini-world as it crosses in entrance of the Sun all thru a rare "transit" which occurs handiest 13 instances a century. Have you ever seen the planet Mercury during the daytime? Arrangements have been made to capture this rare event.

A live observation broadcast of a planetary transit, when Mercury passes across the Sun's disk, will be also watched at Akdeniz University campus in Antalya, where the observatory experts will inform the participants about the rare scene, it added. On Monday, November 11, you could witness the transit of Mercury.

However beware: Mercury is simply too dinky to survey with out excessive-powered binoculars or a telescope, and searching at present on the solar, even with sun shades, may perhaps per chance per chance additionally space off permanent perceive harm.

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According to NASA, Mercury will pass directly between the Sun and Earth, causing a small part of the Sun to be obscured by Mercury's shadow.

The organisation cautions that only a tiny part of the sun will be blocked out and that the event should not be viewed with the naked eye. After Monday, it won't happen again until 2032.

NASA says you should use proper safety equipment like a sun filter. Never look directly at the sun with a telescope.

President: Bill Montague of the North Bay Astronomy Club told BayToday that the club will be at the waterfront by the old Chief at 7:15 a.m. and will have four or five telescopes set up for public viewing of the event.

It will reach the centre at about 3.19pm before finishing its journey at 6.04pm.

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