Published: Thu, November 07, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

North Korea slams planned U.S. military drills with South

North Korea slams planned U.S. military drills with South

According to the South Korean investigation, 19 people were aboard the squid fishing boat when it left the North's Kimchaek port on its east coast in August.

South Korea deported two North Koreans accused of murdering 16 fellow fishermen on Thursday after the pair had fled south from their homeland.

"The government chose to expel them as they had committed grave, non-political crimes such as murder and were not subject to our protection under the law", Lee told a briefing.

"The government made a decision to expel them, judging that they were not subjected to protection under the North Korean Refugee Act as they committed serious nonpolitical crimes such as murder", the ministry spokesperson Lee Sang-min said in a briefing. They attempted to flee when the South's Navy tried to capture them, officials said.

As violent criminals, the two would not be recognized as refugees by global law, Lee said.

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Unification Minister Kim Yeon-chul told the National Assembly on Thursday that the two deported men and another fellow sailor were involved in killing 16 fellow sailors, including the skipper of their fishing boat. We also saw that, once they're accepted into our society, they could threaten the safety of South Koreans. After one of them was arrested by North Korean authorities near Kimchaek, the two others ran away toward the South.

A North Korean defector said it was "absolutely certain" that the two will be executed in the North.

When their boat sailed across the sea border last week, they were chased by a South Korean navy ship which fired warning shots at them.

"South Korean authorities jointly surveyed two North Koreans who crossed the inter-Korean maritime border on November 2nd".

During investigation, the North Koreans confessed that they and another crew member first killed the captain of the fishing boat in October out of anger over his harsh treatment before killing the other protesting crewmembers one by one later, according to officials. It was the South's first deportation of North Koreans through Panmunjom.

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