Published: Tue, November 05, 2019
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US Restaurant Sacks Managers for Harassing Black Party at ‘Racist’ Regular’s Request

US Restaurant Sacks Managers for Harassing Black Party at ‘Racist’ Regular’s Request

Some employees at a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant in the Chicago area have lost their jobs after an alleged incident of racism against a group of black customers.

After checking in with the host, she writes that "The host went up to my husband and asked "what race are you guys?' My husband asked him why it mattered and the host responded that a table with 2 of their "regular customers" were next to where we were to be seated and he didn't want us sitting there because he's 'racist.' 'Us" being a group of minorities, mostly consisting of African of course, we don't give him the satisfaction and told the host we'll sit where they set us up". But the couple told the host to seat their group there anyway.

Vahl's wife, Mary, said restaurant staffers at one point told the group that their tables had actually been reserved for other diners, but they didn't buy that explanation, she said. In an interview with the Chicago Tribune, Mary's husband Justin added that they were told that the customer "doesn't want black people sitting near him".

"We take this incident very seriously and after conducting a thorough, internal investigation have terminated the employees involved".

A Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant in Naperville, Ill., is pictured in a Google Maps Street View image dated October 2018.

Claire Kudlata, coordinator of Buffalo Wild Wing's brand communications, said in an email statement to the Tribune that Buffalo Wild Wings has zero-tolerance for discrimination.

Mary Vahl posted her story on her Facebook page, which starts off by explaining that she went to the Buffalo Wild Wings as part of a group of 18 people.

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But the family refused to move seats, speaking with multiple managers who insisted that their table had been reserved by another party, despite Vahl claiming that one waitress openly admitted the "regular" was a "racist".

The staff stood their ground though, and the Vahls ultimately left the restaurant, choosing to eat instead at a nearby Hooters.

Riley says he reached out to the company to tell them about his experience and wants to prevent a similar incident from happening in the future.

Riley said he feels the weight of responsibility as the children's coach. Several employees of a Buffalo Wild Wings have been fired for an allegedly asking a group of blakc people to move tables away from a known racist.

On Sunday, the boys played in the Build A Dream 3v3 Basketball Tournament in Oak Brook, Illionois and, according to Justin, won the championship of the boys' fifth and sixth grade division.

Vahl shared details of the incident on Facebook. "Less than 24 hours after having to walk out of a restaurant where they weren't wanted because the color of their skin".

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