Published: Tue, October 22, 2019
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UK Parliament blocks Brexit vote on Boris Johnson deal

UK Parliament blocks Brexit vote on Boris Johnson deal

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to push for a vote on his European Union divorce deal as Parliament prepares for a week of guerrilla warfare over Brexit.

The Canadian dollar was last 0.31% stronger against the US dollar as Canadians voted on Monday to determine whether Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who swept into office four years ago as a charismatic figure promising "sunny ways", will remain in power after two major scandals.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson grudgingly sent a letter seeking an extension of the October 31 Brexit deadline after Parliament slammed the brakes on his effort to push through a new divorce deal.

His advice to the group is "that we should number one back the deal, number two vote for the legislation all the way through unless it was wrecked by opponents", Baker said, though he notably did not rule out accepting a deal that keeps the the EU's customs union. It comes as Britain's opposition Labour party has called for a second referendum on whether Britain should even leave the European Union.The tense start to the parliamentary week also comes as Scotland's highest court is due to consider whether Johnson intentionally set out to block Parliament's intent by not signing the first letter and sending a second, even if he technically complied with what was legally required of him, according to the Associated Press.

The bloc said the fact Johnson had not signed the letter was irrelevant.

The U.K. government confirmed it will introduce its Withdrawal Agreement Bill, the crucial piece of law that will incorporate Boris Johnson's Brexit deal into British statute, on Monday.

EU Council President Donald Tusk has said he has received the request and is consulting on how to react, but critics say Johnson's letters were "childish tricks".

Northern Ireland abortion and and same-sex marriage law change deadline passes
But outgoing speaker Robin Newton said a new speaker would need to be in place before the assembly could consider the legislation. Women will be offered free transportation to obtain abortion services in England in the meantime.

From the EU's point of view, extension options range from just an additional month until the end of November to half a year or longer.

Johnson's defeat in the British parliament on Saturday over the sequencing of the ratification of his deal exposed the prime minister to a law passed by those opposed to a no deal departure, demanding he request a delay until January 31.

Mr Bercow provoked the ire of Brexit supporting MPs who said they had been refused a chance to vote on Mr Johnson's deal.

Johnson's former allies, the Northern Irish Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), said they would not back a proposal for a customs union with the EU - a step that, if passed, would doom Johnson's deal.

"If the government have got the numbers, the government can have their way."

A spokesman for Johnson said that if the legislation is led too far away from the deal, then its ratification would be placed in question.

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