Published: Tue, October 22, 2019
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UK MPs vote to delay approval of Boris Johnson's Brexit plan

UK MPs vote to delay approval of Boris Johnson's Brexit plan

Business Secretary Andrea Leadsom has alleged she received "frightening" abuse from anti-Brexit protesters shortly after MPs voted to delay a vote on Boris Johnson's deal.

Britain's opposition Labour Party will try to amend legislation to ratify Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Brexit deal, the party's finance spokesman John McDonnell said on Sunday.

Mr Johnson seemed to have the support of French President Emmanuel Macron, who said that a Brexit delay would be "in the interest of no one".

He added: "Whatever letters they may seek to force the government to write, it can not change my judgment that further delay is pointless, expensive and deeply corrosive of public trust".

"So if you were going to have a referendum, it will either be Boris Johnson's deal or no deal".

After the government lost the vote by 322 votes to 306, the "meaningful vote" was cancelled. And we will not back this sell-out deal.

The Scottish politician has the Prime Minister of the Scottish Scotland with contempt.

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"Let us come together as democrats behind this deal, the one proposition that fulfils the verdict of the majority but which also allows us to bring together the two halves of our hearts, to bring together the two halves of our nation", he said.

He had hoped to pass his own newly struck deal at an extraordinary sitting of parliament on Saturday but that was derailed by a legislative booby trap set by a rebel lawmaker concerned that Britain might still drop out without a deal.

Arguing that politicins had spent years "consumed by a single issue that has at times felt incapable of resolution", Mr Johnson urged MPs to "finally achieve that resolution".

It should have failed because Prime Minister Johnson managed to secure a last-minute agreement with the European Union last week only by breaking his promise to Northern Ireland that he would never agree to put a border in the Irish Sea, thereby separating it from the rest of the United Kingdom. On Sunday Labour said it was prepared to to talk to the prime minister's former partners in the Democratic Unionist Party and disaffected Tories to force a better deal.

Tens of thousands have converged on Westminster calling for a second referendum on Brexit.

"He should have signed one letter in accordance with the law". DUP MPs said they could not give the deal their consent despite the support of it by their ERG Brexiteer patrons.

"I hope that then Honourable Members, faced with a choice of our new deal for the United Kingdom and the European Union, will change their minds because it was pretty close today", he said.

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