Published: Tue, October 22, 2019
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Two US-bound flights divert to Dublin airport due to medical emergency

Two US-bound flights divert to Dublin airport due to medical emergency

American Airlines flight 729 was flying from London Heathrow to Philadelphia on Monday, but was forced to land in Dublin, Ireland when a cleaning fluid spilled on board caused staff to lose consciousness, according to an audio recording shared by United Kingdom newspaper The Daily Telegraph. The chemical, it added, was spilled and seeped into the plane's carpet and released an acrid odor that left those on board with "ill effects".

One passenger on board the plane, Katie, took to Twitter to say: "Ok, so this hasn't quite gone to plan".

'I mediate they're again to consciousness now and (salvage) traditional complaints about burning eyes and diverse complications with mucus within the nostril, pores and skin complications'.

It is understood a bleach-like cleaning product was left in the plane's toilets at Heathrow and spilled out of its container and into the floor.

Two crew members and one passenger were taken to hospital "for evaluation" after flight AA729 from Heathrow landed at 13:15 GMT at Dublin airport on Monday.

The plane, flying from Heathrow to Philadelphia, landed safely at Dublin at 1.15pm local time after the incident, which was said to have been caused by a cleaning product left behind on the aircraft which had spilled.

Another passenger wrote on Twitter about noticing "noxious smells" on board the flight.

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Phillips said prior to landing at Dublin, their flight had been delayed for almost an hour at Heathrow when crew members noticed the "strange smell".

The captain radioed air traffic control to request a reroute after number of passengers suffered burning eyes and itchy skin.

Medical personnel immediately met the aircraft and addressed the concerns of its passenger and crew.

"As per standard operating procedures there was a full turn out of Dublin Airport's emergency fire services", a spokesperson for the airport told CNN.

According to The Aviation Herald, two flight attendants passed out prompting a decision to divert to Dublin.

The passenger was taken from the plane for treatment and the flight is scheduled to depart later on Monday, a spokeswoman added.

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