Published: Tue, October 22, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Samsung warns users against using their in-display fingerprint scanner

Samsung warns users against using their in-display fingerprint scanner

As it turns out, the screen protector caused issued with the built-in sensor's 3-dimensional patterns, thus causing the phone to unlock the device even when a person's fingerprints were not registered to unlock the device.

It was later discovered that the issue was with the type of screen protectors that the user chooses to fit on.

Samsung told Reuters (by means of Engadget) that it's revealing a software patch after it developed that a Galaxy S10 blemish enabled any unique mark to unlock the device. So if you're still rocking a silicone screen protector, it's probably worth downloading this fix as soon as possible.

Samsung announced that it will release a software patch to fix the flaw by early this week.

Samsung's client service application purportedly noticed that the examples of some outsider screen defenders can be perceived by the Galaxy S10's ultrasonic unique mark scanner.

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Samsung claims that it has resolved the issue reported by a Samsung Galaxy S10 user from the United Kingdom related to the in-display fingerprint issue.

In a statement, Samsung encouraged S10 and Note 10 owners to remove any covers that can trick the sensor to restore their phone's security.

"If you now use front screen protective covers, to ensure optimum fingerprint scanning, please refrain from using this cover until your device has been updated with a new software patch". After that, you should register new ones. She then asked her husband to try unlocking the phone, surprisingly; he was able to unlock the device with both thumb impressions. Banks and credit card companies informed their customers of the malfunctioning fingerprint recognition sensors of the Galaxy S10 and Note10 smartphones.

Samsung wants users to remove screen protectors until they can fix the problem.

Just to be clear, if you don't let other people use your phone, you're good. Especially when a silicone cover is attached, the galaxy devices could be unlocked not only by unregistered fingerprints but also by anything else.

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