Published: Tue, October 22, 2019
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Mom Terrified By 'Ghost Baby' She Sees in Her Son's Crib

Mom Terrified By 'Ghost Baby' She Sees in Her Son's Crib

"I was so freaked out, I barely slept", she wrote alongside a photo taken from her baby monitor of her son asleep.

Even though the mother of two was glad her house wasn't haunted by a "baby ghost" she later admitted to Kidspot that the thought of one in her house really spooked her.

Maritza Cibuls shared a picture of the "ghost" in her son's crib. "Damn, now I will have to sleep with the lights on tonight", joked another.

Maritza Elizabeth, who is house wife from United States recounted the hilarious tale in the Facebook post where she thought there was some "ghost" in her baby's cot and it made her sleepless but then she realized that it was was actually a picture of a baby on her son's mattress. However, the mystery scared the mother for almost two days before she discovered that her husband had changed the sheets of the cot without putting the mattress protector. The next morning, she went to "investigate a bit further" in the daylight.

Her husband had apparently changed the child's bedding and forgotten to replace the mattress protector. She added, "I could kill him." Ha!

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Maritza's hilarious mistake quickly went viral, racking up hundreds of comments and more than 279,000 shares. "I was trying to feel around to see if there was any wetness - we thought there might be some drool on the sheet - but I didn't feel any", she told Yahoo Lifestyle UK. Sometimes they do stuff that initially stresses me out. "I even tried creeping in there with a flashlight while my son was sleeping". And I'd keep opening my eyes to make sure "ghost baby" wasn't moving, LOL.


"I would have grabbed my son!"

". It's not to say I don't believe in ghosts (I certainly don't doubt their existence), but my mind was telling me there must be a logical explanation.

After a rather restless night, Cibuls says she made a decision to get to the bottom of the purported haunting, which is when she discovered the origin of said "ghost". Back in January, Western Australian mother Edana Day found her baby monitor was compromised when she saw a stranger's bedroom instead of her eight-month-old's cot.

The husband forgot to remove packaging on mattress protector.

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