Published: Mon, October 21, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

WhatsApp update for iOS users brings in a host of new features

WhatsApp update for iOS users brings in a host of new features

You will notice some differences between darker and brighter brightness settings, but in all scenarios, the iPhone XS using dark mode has overtaken the one using clear mode. If you use an AMOLED dark theme for some reason, the "lights out" mode is your choice.

Switching on dark mode on your iPhone actually can save battery life.

With Dark Mode, you still get the same amount of work done while having more than enough juice to get you home with navigation at the end of your day.

Compared to the already existing dark mode in Twitter, the new "Lights Out" mode is truly black; the existing version has a dark blue tint that's also very easy on the eyes. The dark mode generates a battery life improvement of up to 30 percent on the iPhone XS, most likely with similar figures on the other iPhone models as well.

Dam Collapses at Russian Gold Mine, Killing at Least 15 People
An unidentified worker from the mine told Govorit Moskva, a Moscow-based radio station, that people had been caught by surprise. Searches were held at the Krasnoyarsk office of the dam's owner, the Sisim gold mining company (part of the Sibzoloto holding).

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WhatsApp dark modeWhats is WhatsApp Android Q Beta and How to install it?

Per the beta tester, along with the latest Android beta, the feature has also been spotted in the Business beta version of the app. Once you tap that, you'll see the "Theme" option at the top.

WhatsApp frequently releases beta updates for both Android and IOS platforms. What do you think of Dark Mode in iOS 13? But, it's initiated by a server-side switch, so substituting the permanent version with this one won't surely get you the new dark mode. So WhatsApp is working on the Dark mode theme and trying to make it completely bug-free so that users can install it easily. There is no word on when this "Lights Out" version will be available for those using the stable version of the Twitter app on Android, but hopefully, it won't be too long.

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