Published: Mon, October 21, 2019
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UK: Johnson sends 'unsigned' extension letter to EU

UK: Johnson sends 'unsigned' extension letter to EU

DUP and Labour may form an alliance aimed at securing the customs amendment, senior DUP officials told the Telegraph on Sunday, who stated that their party was mulling "guerrilla warfare" to block Boris Johnson's revised Brexit deal after it returns to Commons.

A defiant British government doubled down Sunday, insisting it would leave the European Union in 11 days' time despite parliament forcing a reluctant prime minister to request another delay. But the speaker of the House, John Bercow, said he would rule whether that would be allowed after several lawmakers said it would break with parliamentary convention that the same question can not be put twice during the same session.

"An election is inevitable because of the numbers in parliament, because we have got to break the impasse, the timing will be a matter for Jeremy Corbyn. but it is inevitable that sooner or later this breaks into a general election", said Starmer.

Number 10 is opposed to a customs union and second referendum, and warned that if the legislation in the Commons "steps too far away" from what has been agreed with the EU then it would "bring into question ratification".

"The meaningful vote will go ahead if the speaker agrees and if no amendments are selected which would render it meaningless", the spokesman announced.

Johnson is now expected to push ahead with fast-tracking the detailed legislation to implement his exit agreement as he battles to deliver Brexit before the October 31 deadline.

Johnson was ambushed in parliament on Saturday by opponents who demanded a change to the sequencing of the ratification of the deal, exposing the prime minister to a law which forced him to request a delay until January 31.

The latest on Brexit: leaders in the United Kingdom insist that it will happen one way or another by the October 31 deadline, despite requests to the European Union for an extension.

If successful, the legislation would undermine Johnson's deal and jeopardise the UK's ability to negotiate new trade deals with third countries.

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Britain's parliament is poised for another feverish week after MPs on Saturday stopped Prime Minister Boris Johnson putting forward a "meaningful vote" on his Brexit deal until he publishes it as a bill.

He added that MPs must vote on "a clean choice". The only one he actually signed said an "extension would damage the interests of the United Kingdom and our European Union partners" and that he was firmly against it.

The Labour main opposition has lambasted Johnson's deal as a "sell-out" and voted for the delay.

Looking ahead to today's events in Westminster, Sky's political correspondent Lewis Goodall said: "It always does seem to be a crucial week for the government and the Brexit deal, but I think the next few days really will be pivotal".

Johnson sent three letters to European leaders late on Saturday, according to NBC News. It also described delaying Brexit as "deeply corrosive".

Brexiteer Mr Bridgen told talkRADIO's Mike Graham: "If we get this deal through, effectively no deal comes back on the table because the Benn Act is passed, that's no longer relevant, so we go into free trade negotiation talks with the European Union".

On Saturday, Members of Parliament (MP) backed a motion to further delay the process of Britain leaving the EU.

This weekend, Boris Johnson did the very thing he said he'd rather be "dead in a ditch" than do: request an extension to article 50 and possibly delay Brexit.

"For people like me, vast areas of that Withdrawal Agreement are unchanged and we are going to have to choke down our pride and vote in the national interest to get Brexit done", he said.

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