Published: Mon, October 21, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

The Latest In Syria: Kurdish Forces, American Troops Leave Turkish Border Region

The Latest In Syria: Kurdish Forces, American Troops Leave Turkish Border Region

A video by the Kurdish files agency showed a convoy of armored vehicles driving thru the northeastern metropolis of Qamishli. Those fighters, who are Arab and often Islamist extremists, have been accused of killings of Kurdish civilians and captured fighters during this campaign and in other Syrian territory seized in Turkish campaigns since 2017.

The scene encapsulated the Kurds' feelings of betrayal and added a new indignity to an American withdrawal that has been rushed and saw several shut brushes with Turkish-backed forces.

The Kurds have been a key ally to Washington in the US-backed fight against Islamic State group jihadists in Syria, but Turkey views them as "terrorists" linked to Kurdish militants on its own soil. After the assault began October 9, Trump ordered a overall withdrawal from Syria.

The deal aims to stem a humanitarian crisis that has displaced 200,000 civilians in the region and at the same time ease security concerns over thousands of Islamic State captives guarded by the YPG.

One man blocked the way of a U.S. van with a poster reading: "Thanks for USA people, but Trump betrayed us".

"Did PYD-YPG (Syrian Kurdish forces) join North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and we do not know about it?" he asked.

Locals in the northeastern Syrian city of Qamishli pelted United States vehicles with fruit and vegetables as they withdrew from the region in the wake of an offensive by Turkey.

"The U.S. withdrawal continues apace from northeast Syria", he said. Turkey said one of its soldiers was killed in the day's violence. "A objective of those forces working with the (Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces) is to deny access to those oil fields by ISIS and others who may benefit from their revenues earned".

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On ABC Sunday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo defended the decision to withdraw USA troops from northeast Syria, saying the president "believes we've accomplished a significant part of our mission and he wants our folks to come home".

He said the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces are preparing to complete the withdrawal from the area between Ras al-Ayn and Tal Abyad towns, which flank the 120 kilometers (75 miles) area under the cease-fire.

Turkey demands that Kurdish forces evacuate from the Syrian border area measuring 440 kilometers east-to-west and 30 kilometers north-to-south.

In the midst of a diplomatic dispute between the Netherlands and Turkey in 2017, members of the ultranationalist Gray Wolf group illegally hacked Dutch public and private websites, temporarily disrupting business operations.

Khalil said Turkey continues to violate the cease-fire, accusing its troops of shelling a village at daybreak and searching for to attain navy operations. He criticized the guarantor of the cease-fire deal, asserting it has now not forced Turkey to stay to it.

"Some statements coming from Italy regarding the imposition of an arms embargo on Turkey are unacceptable", said Cavusoglu.

'We are committed to this agreement: Within five days they are supposed to leave and we have told our American colleagues to use their leverage, their connections to make sure that they leave without any incidents, ' he said in Istanbul yesterday.

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