Published: Mon, October 21, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Donald Trump Quietly Reduces Military Force in Afghanistan by 2,000

Donald Trump Quietly Reduces Military Force in Afghanistan by 2,000

The United States now has 5,200 troops posted in Iraq, deployed as part of a Washington-led coalition against the Islamic State group.

The U.S. envoy to Afghanistan had a preliminary peace deal with the Taliban, but a surge in terrorist violence and the death of an American soldier prompted President Trump to cancel a secret Camp David meeting where the peace deal would have been finalized.

This is a first withdrawal, October 7, of US soldiers near the Turkish border in northern Syria, after an announcement of US President Donald Trump in this sense, which paved the way for the offensive of the Turkey against Kurdish fighters. Under the deal, Turkey was to halt fighting while Kurdish People's Protection Units moved 20 miles south of the border. The U.S. had pulled out in 2011 when combat operations ended there, but went back in three years later when Islamic State took over large parts of the country before later losing what it had gained. "While speaking with us en route to Afghanistan, Esper also made no mention of new areas being resettled with Kurds or oil". Turkey recently halted its military operation, giving Kurdish forces 120 hours to leave to leave 30 kilometre-wide "safe zone" near the Turkish border.

Also Sunday, U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi led a group of American lawmakers on a visit to Jordan to discuss "the deepening crisis" in Syria.

President Donald Trump said Monday a small number of usa troops remain in Syria, some near the border with Jordan and others deployed to secure oil fields.

Underscoring America's will to stay in Afghanistan, Esper said it still faces a "virulent terrorist threat that originated in the form of Al Qaeda and now in the Taliban and ISIS-K and other groups".

"It's time for us to come home", Trump said, defending his removal of United States troops from that part of Syria and praising his decision to send more troops and military equipment to Saudi Arabia to help the kingdom defend itself against Iran. "The US withdrawal continues apace from north-eastern Syria. we're talking weeks, not days", he added.

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Esper did not specify where exactly troops would be stationed in western Iraq, and said he would soon be discussing with allies what the "next phase of counter-ISIS campaign" will look like. The move to Iraq is the "game plan right now", he said.

Image copyright David Walker What about the ceasefire? Turkey conducted a week-long offensive into northeastern Syria against the Kurdish fighters before a military pause.

On Sunday, the Turkish defence ministry said a soldier was killed and another wounded by anti-tank and small arms fire near Tal Abyad. The SDF said violent clashes had broken out, with casualties among both the SDF and the Turkish-backed forces. It has allowed Kurdish fighters to pull out all of its forces from Ras al-Ain, located along the Syria-Turkey border, a spokesman for the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces told EuroNews.

The mission comes after President Donald Trump abruptly broke off negotiations last month. The official said the President favors this concept.

"Forces of the Turkish regime and its mercenaries now occupy the town", a caption read.

But Mr Erdogan has kept up a war of words on the Kurdish fighters. "Ultimately, we're bringing them home". "Those are things that we would have to present to the president in due course".

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