Published: Sun, October 20, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Meet the 'blob' - it has no brain but 720 sexes

Meet the 'blob' - it has no brain but 720 sexes

The "blob" is a mysterious slime mold that is capable of a number of odd feats. The organism has no mouth, no stomach, and no eyes, yet it can detect food and digest it. The scientific name of the blob is Physarum Polycephalum is reportedly believed to be around for almost a billion years but it first gained attention in 1973 when a woman in Texas saw it growing in her backyard.

Researchers said the creature is essentially immortal, fearing only light and drought.

'The blob is a living being which belongs to one of nature's mysteries, ' stated Bruno David, director of the Paris Museum of Pure Historical past. "It's been here for millions of years, and we still don't really know what it is".

A Paris zoo showcased peculiar new organism on October 16 which is brainless and is named as "blob".

However, it also has a more scientific name: Physcarum polycephalum.

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Referred to as Physarum polycephalum, it additionally strikes (regardless of not having arms or legs) and is ready to heal itself in below two minutes if it will get reduce in half. Seeing as the organism can't be classified as either a fungus, plant, bacteria or animal, it has been put into the Protista Kingdom. It can remember things, adapt its behaviors and find its way out of a maze, which are all animal-like behaviors.

"If we fuse two blobs together, the one which learned will transmit its knowledge to the other, and so, it will know directly how to get past this barrier". The Paris Zoological Park grew its organism in petri dishes and fed it oatmeal, which it seemed to like, reports CNN's Julie Zaugg.

It was nicknamed the "blob" after a 1958 science-fiction horror movie, starring Steve McQueen, in which a small Pennsylvania town is visited by an alien - the Blob - that eats everything in its path.

In the early 1970s, a similar blob appeared and died in a Texas woman's backyard, but scientists said it was not expected to return, the New York Times reported from Dallas at the time.

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