Published: Sun, October 20, 2019
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Longest non-stop flight to take off from New York to Sydney

Longest non-stop flight to take off from New York to Sydney

While the Boeing 787-9 hasn't been designed for such a mammoth trek, when it departs New York's John F Kennedy Airport at 9pm on Friday, October 18 NY time (midday in Sydney on Saturday, October 19), it'll do so with a maximum fuel contingent, a restricted passenger and baggage load, and no cargo.

Scientists and researchers from the Cooperative Research Centre for Alertness, Safety and Productivity (Alertness CRC) and Sydney University's Charles Perkins Centre, will all be undertaking tests and monitoring passengers. The brand-new jet will take off with about 101 tonnes of fuel, he said.

As a part of analysis aimed toward lowering jet lag, passengers on board will successfully change to Sydney time as quickly as they go away NY late Friday, Qantas mentioned.

Our very first #QantasResearchFlight has arrived at Sydney Airport with a total flight time of 19 hours and 16 minutes. They will be equipped with wearable technology and take part in various experiences throughout the flight.

It was previous year when Qantas introduced the first direct service from Perth to London, a 17-hour journey that is one of the longest scheduled passenger flights in the world.

The first 19.5-hour flight from NY on October 18 will see the subjects fitted with wearable devices and follow a specially designed, sleep, food and beverage and physical movement schedule.

A Boeing 787-9 will operate the flight, but Qantas is also pushing both Airbus and Boeing to adapt present models of both the A350 and 777x to enable the route to be commercially viable.

Test passengers: Sleep, food and drink intake will all be monitored aboard the 20 hour flight.

An historic flight, non-stop from NY to Sydney is underway.

The human guinea pigs departed the United States on board a Qantas Boeing Dreamliner about 4pm NZ time Saturday.

A Qantas spokesperson said the flight tests are, 'just one part of the work we are doing to assess how to operate these flights safely'.

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"The passenger research will test alternatives to how airlines have managed in-flight service for decades", Qantas Chief Government Officer Alan Joyce mentioned.

Pilots will also be included in the research and have been given special headbands that monitor brain activity.

The flight the plane took according to tracking site FlightRadar.

Four pilots will work on rotation during the flight, with two additional pilots in the cabin, Qantas said.

As a part of analysis geared toward decreasing jet lag, passengers on board will successfully change to Sydney time as quickly as they go away NY late Friday.

Cameras will be mounted inside the cockpit to record pilots alertness and they will also be expected to keep sleep journals.

This information will then be shared with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority "to help inform regulatory requirements associated with ultra-long-haul flights", Qantas said in a statement.

If all goes to plan, Qantas hopes to have direct flights between Sydney and NY, and Sydney to London by 2022.

"Time to check in for the first NY to Sydney non stop. This is ultimately a business decision and the economics have to stack up".

- How does their sleep, cognitive means, sleepiness and temper change on an ultra-long-haul flight? Joyce has stated it is miles never any longer a "foregone conclusion" which firm will be chosen.

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