Published: Sat, October 19, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

US troops leaving Syria to move to Iraq, Kuwait

US troops leaving Syria to move to Iraq, Kuwait

The advance comes hours after Manbij was abandoned by withdrawing United States forces, with Russian Federation moving troops in in their stead to play an intermediary role in keeping apart advancing Syrian government forces and Turkish troops.

"As the president has made clear, Turkey's actions in northeast Syria severely undermine the D-ISIS (Defeat ISIS) campaign, endanger civilians, and threaten the security of the entire region", he said.

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Kelly Craft, the US ambassador to the United Nations, told reporters Washington is "deeply concerned" that Russian troops are patrolling between the two sides.

The Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) struck a deal with Damascus over the weekend in order to win its protection against the Turkish onslaught.

Republican Leader Mitch McConnell delivered a reminder Tuesday that a veto-proof majority of 70 senators voted earlier this year against such a pullout.

Putin had told Erdogan that the situation whereby Islamic State prisoners being held in custody by Syrian Kurds were exploiting the chaos by trying to escape was unacceptable, the Kremlin said.

Trump has demanded an immediate end to Turkey's assault against Kurdish fighters and civilians in Syria - an assault Turkey began after Trump announced he was moving USA troops out of the way. "Turkey must not put these gains in jeopardy", Trump said.

"The Turkish military has brought stability, tranquillity and peace wherever they went", he said and added that they believed peace would come to their homes".

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A USA official says the approximately 1,000 US troops being withdrawn from northern Syria will reposition in Iraq, Kuwait and possibly Jordan.

United States forces have defeated the ISIS physical caliphate, the troops are coming out will now redeploy and remain in the region to monitor the situation and prevent a repeat of 2014, when the neglected threat of ISIS raged across Syria and Iraq, he said.

A US official on Tuesday confirmed that all USA forces had left Manbij, The Associated Press reported. Troops are consolidating their positions to prepare to fly out of the country soon.

Speaking to journalists on his way from Baku to Ankara, Erdogan said in a phone conversation with Trump, Trump proposed to mediate for a cease-fire between Turkey and the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) in Syria and chose to send a delegation to Ankara for this bid.

By Associated Press writer Robert Burns.

Turkey's president Tayyip Erdogan, however, has given no sign that he is willing to halt the current advance.

On Monday, Trump announced a halt to negotiations on a $100 billion trade deal with Turkey.

A Kurdish political administration in the area has scrambled this week to strike a deal with the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad, whose forces began on Sunday deploying in Kurdish-administered areas to shield them against Turkey. Meanwhile, two Turkish civilians were killed and 12 others injured in mortar and rocket attacks by YPG/PKK militants from Syria at Turkey's border provinces, officials said, QNA reported.

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