Published: Sat, October 19, 2019
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Paul Rudd ‘Reveals All’ On New ‘Ghostbusters’ And ‘Living With Yourself’

Paul Rudd ‘Reveals All’ On New ‘Ghostbusters’ And ‘Living With Yourself’

Don't be cocky - everyone has one.

Rudd added, I have thousands of those pictures with people you wouldn't expect to see in those photos, that are pretty good.

Paul Rudd (as Miles Elliot and Miles Elliott's Clone): "No, no, no, it's fine!"

About 9 1/2 minutes into the episode, Miles arrives at the spa - which is inside a strip mall. When he wakes up, he's bagged and buried in a shallow grave in the forest.

Rushing home, he finds himself face-to-face with, well, himself. And as the series progresses, the sci-fi/metaphysical elements are dropped in favor of exploring the marital problems between Miles and Kate, which, like most marital problems, can't simply be solved by tag-teaming with your fresher, more patient clone. They've literally made a better version of him - one who's confident, competent and with bouncier hair and ideal vision, and no appendicitis scar.

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Aisling Bea: "It's nearly like the new Miles is washed of all the history that bogged the old Miles down". It also complicates things for him with his wife Kate (Aisling Bea) and at work where there's an important pitch for a telecoms account. We see them coming to terms with the new change, which initially feels harder for the old Miles. I will counter, however, by saying that the changes in POV with each episode are one of the better elements of the show. What more could you want?!

It's an intriguing concept and it's resonant.

The show was created by Timothy Greenberg who had previously written for the Daily Show with Jon Stewart and directed by Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris, the indie darlings behind Little Miss Sunshine, Battle of the Sexes and Ruby Sparks.

Currently, Rudd has a few projects underway, including his new show "Living with Yourself" and a new "Ghostbusters". And yet, Rudd filled two full segments telling very little about his current work, but a very cool story about what can only be the divine intervention that led him to move to NY 25 years ago (when he still looked exactly the same as he does now). It's called Living with Yourself and it's totally okay!

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