Published: Sat, October 19, 2019
Sport | By Kayla Schwartz

Michael Owen states his prediction for Manchester United vs Liverpool

Michael Owen states his prediction for Manchester United vs Liverpool

The Manchester United boss insists both he and the club's board have a plan for future success, but ahead of this weekend's clash with Liverpool, the Norwegian warned it could take time to start delivering results as they look to overhaul the squad in the coming transfer windows. I think it's the flawless game for our players, the ideal game for our fans.

"No chance. Have they got players that can play in a counter-attacking way?"

Writing on the Bet Victor Blog, Owen said that Jurgen Klopp's side clearly have the advantage over an injury-plagued United and they should have "too much pace and aggression" for the hosts. Klopp is paying no attention to the table and is conscious of the threat his side will face. All these articles look like they have been written by Man United supporters. So yes, that's it.

"We'll live with it". They're like a knife - one comes at you, then another.

'It's like we would have said it: "Here's the combined team!" That is what I mean about building a banana skin.

Lady Gaga falls off stage while dancing with fan during Vegas show
Her return to the stage was met with applause from relieved fans and the guy followed her with his trainer in his hand. Ouch! That was quite a fall, but was Lady Gaga hurt or is she okay? It appears as if he lands on top of her.

"But every team has their bad moment and we have to be there [if they do]". I saw the combined line-up and it's really amusing. That is the situation everyone creates'. But I'm sure that we will get there. That's what you try to do. I expected things like that this week but I was still surprised when I had a little look at the newspapers that the difference [between the teams] was that massive.

"We're looking forward to this game".

"We have a game more in December than City". We're going to go and beat you. It's not possible, but we did it somehow because we have to, because we go to Qatar and play in the FIFA Club World Cup.

"They're not the side that they were when they could have done that to sides". We will impose ourselves and our will.' But United don't have the players to do that anymore.

The personal conditions of the initial arrangement have been improved, with a further three years of service tagged on. We still have it'.

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