Published: Sat, October 19, 2019
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Lady Gaga Gives Health Update Following Her Tumble Off Stage

Lady Gaga Gives Health Update Following Her Tumble Off Stage

Credit: Instagram/enigmaupdatesGaga spurred the guy to return to the stage. Multiple videos are circulating online, including this from TMZ.

Lady Gaga might want to "Just Dance" alone from now on.

From videos shot by fans in the crowd, it appears that Gaga hit the floor, and then the fan ended up crashing down on top of her as the shocked audience gasped and screamed.

Lady Gaga said after the tumble, "everything's ok, everything's ok", before going on to joke that the only thing that needed fixing was the lack of stairs to get back up on the stage.

Lady Gaga had an unfortunate fall off the stage tonight at Enigma after a fan picked her up and tripped. She got right back up and continued the show. Could you forgive yourself right now for what just happened?" and added, "I think that's fantastic. The "Bad Romance" singer often invites a few lucky fans to join her on stage-what a treat!-but it turned out not so great last night.

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The routine, which she demonstrated to the public via Instagram, involves an ice bath followed by a hot bath and a compression suit "packed with ice packs". They cuddle once more and then she announces: "Can you promise me something?"

"Everything's OK", she said in the aftermath.

It's also seems that the fall would have nearly certainly hurt either Gaga, the fan, or both. "We're like Rose and Jack from Titanic". As we fell I tried to make sure I took the brunt of the fall and if you could see my leg you'd see that I kinda did.

Gaga will be at her Vegas residency until May 2020.

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