Published: Sat, October 19, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Corbyn, Farage and Sturgeon Have All Opposed the New Brexit Deal

Corbyn, Farage and Sturgeon Have All Opposed the New Brexit Deal

He contradicted President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker who said on Thursday afternoon "there will be no prolongation", telling journalists who approached him in Brussels: "If we have a deal, we have a deal, and there is no need for prolongation".

Under the new deal, the North would remain in the UK's customs union, but there would also be customs checks on some goods passing through en route to Ireland and the EU single market.

Why does Jeremy Corbyn think it is worse than the original deal?

The Benn Act, passed by MPs last month, says that Mr Johnson would be required to request a three-month Brexit delay - unless he can pass a deal, or get MPs to approve a no-deal exit by 19 October.

European Union leaders gave their unanimous backing to a Brexit deal with Britain on Thursday, putting the onus on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to secure the British parliament's approval for the deal in a vote in two days' time. However, price erased its gains and dropped to 108.46 in NY afternoon due partly to falling USA yields.

The DUP said the proposals were not "beneficial to the economic well-being of Northern Ireland" and they "undermine the integrity of the Union", the party said in a statement on Twitter.

In a note, Deutsche Bank saw a 55% chance that Johnson's deal would not be ratified on Saturday.

David Phinnemore, Professor of European Politics at Queen's University Belfast, agreed with those who say he has in effect "sold out" the unionist party. This is meant to prevent the return of a hard border with EU-member Ireland.

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It says that "only two Articles in the main Withdrawal Agreement have changed from the November 2018 text, and the changes are minor".

He also avoided commenting on the decision of the Democratic Unionist Party to reject the draft deal completed early today in last-ditch negotiations in Brussels.

Annex 4 of the previous Protocol - which contained references to European Union laws and worldwide conventions that would apply to the whole of United Kingdom in what were called "level playing field" commitments - has now been removed.

Meanwhile, Michael Doherty, a customs and border consultant, told the conference that there will be an increase in opportunities for border smuggling if infrastructure re-emerges on the island of Ireland.

The DUP had led opposition to the so-called "backstop", an arrangement devised by Johnson's predecessor former Prime Minister Theresa May to protect the Good Friday Agreement that brought peace to Northern Ireland and under which there must be no physical border on the island of Ireland.

The IPPR's analysis of Johnson's agreement cuts across four areas of policy - Northern Ireland, trade, social and environmental protections, and governance arrangements.

Here's a look at what is in the new agreement, and how it differs from May's rejected deal.

The agreement reached will keep Northern Ireland in the United Kingdom customs area but tariffs will apply on goods crossing from mainland Britain to Northern Ireland if they are headed to Ireland and into the bloc's single market. The DUP have confirmed their 10 MPs will be instructed to vote against the deal. Its government will have the opportunity to vote on the provisions of this deal after four years, and then at least every eight years after that.

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