Published: Thu, October 17, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Analogue's $200 Pocket could be the ultimate retro gaming portable

Analogue's $200 Pocket could be the ultimate retro gaming portable

The Analogue Pocket includes a 3.5-inch backlit LCD screen with a resolution of 1600x1440 pixels, so titles from systems with wider screens, like the GBA, will require letterboxing. To be able to play games from the GBA, the system has two handy shoulder buttons right behind the cartridge slot.

Oh, and with some cartridge adapters, the Pocket can play games for other mobile consoles too, including the Game Gear and Atari Lynx. The diminutive display doesn't mean less horsepower, however - the Analogue Pocket will feature the same Altera Cyclone V FPGA that Analogue uses for its living room retro consoles like the Super Nt and Mega Sg.

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FPGA console developers Analogue has announced a gorgeous take on Nintendo's Game Boy with the Analogue Pocket. For the musically-inclined (especially those who love jamming to 8-bit beats), the Analogue Pocket comes with a built-in audio workstation called Nanoloop. But that's why the Analogue Pocket works: it's a chic, adult version of the device we grew up loving, and with the first Game Boy game turning 30 this year, it's certainly timely. Developers will be free to develop their own applications for the hardware. Basically, once the Analogue Pocket is in the hands of users, it's going to get even better. But Game Boy games should look unbelievable, and you won't have to strap on some freakish light accessory to play games in the dark. This allows players to play titles like "Legend of Zelda" "Pokémon", and "Super Mario Land" as they were intended, simulating the function of the original silicon that was found in the consoles that these games were made for. It's also a music synthesizer and a game development platform.

The Pocket will start shipping in 2020, although the specific date is not yet determined. Like Game Gear. Neo Geo Pocket Color. That's because you'll need the Analogue Dock to put your Pocket on the big screen, which in turn lets you play with wireless Bluetooth controllers if you really want the classic couch experience. The Analogue Dock doesn't have a price yet, but it's expected to arrive alongside the Pocket next year.

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