Published: Wed, October 16, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

The Google Home Mini is Now the Nest Mini

The Google Home Mini is Now the Nest Mini

Google is also bringing Assistant to its Wifi routers this year, just like Amazon. A hands-on review of the Nest Mini is coming soon.

The Nest Mini looks identical to its predecessor, save for a new "sky" color option that was "inspired by Lake Como in Italy", Google says.

The inside of the Nest Mini is an entirely different story.

Google's second iteration of the Mini Assistant smart speaker could easily be confused with the original as it keeps practically the exact same design.

If you now have just one Nest camera, or a considering a single purchase, the firm's original subscriptions are still available, which means you won't be paying any more if you just have one product in your home.

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Pre-order the $49 Nest Mini today from the Google Store in white, black, coral, or blue; it arrives at Best Buy, Target, Walmart, and other retailers on October 22.

You'd be hard-pressed to tell the Nest Mini apart from the 2017 Google Home Mini- one of the best Google Home Speakers to use with Google Assistant.

Another Google device getting the Nest treatment is Google Wifi. Essentially, the Assistant will be "running on-device and is capable of processing and understanding your requests as you make them, to deliver answers and execute commands up to 10 times faster". The latter two shades match the speaker's base, too.

The router is priced starting $269 for two packs with one router and one point, and it will cost $349 for a three-pack with one router and two points. The idea is that the main Nest Wifi Router will act as the central hub, while the Nest Wifi Points will help you extend the network without having to by individual Nest Wifi Routers. Other than a design decision there's little reason Google shouldn't have also included a speaker in the main router, especially since numerous marketing videos for Nest Wifi have included audibly asking Google Assistant to perform many WiFi-related functions. Our hands-on with the Nest Wifi confirmed that the Points offer not only an aesthetically pleasing product but a very capable smart speaker that will fit into nearly any decor.

Beyond that, Google also introduced a new Nest Wi-Fi, a system which consists of a router and extenders Google dubs Nest Wi-Fi pionts. Pre-orders open later today.

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