Published: Wed, October 16, 2019
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Russia Vows To Prevent Clashes Between Syrian, Turkish Armies

Russia Vows To Prevent Clashes Between Syrian, Turkish Armies

Still, Damascus and the SDF share the objective of driving Turkey from northern Syria, or at least halting its advance.

While the Western press has previously referred to these militants as "moderate rebels", a senior United States official was quoted on Tuesday calling them "thugs and bandits and pirates that should be wiped off the face of the earth".

US military forces in northern Syria helped maintain a degree of stability in the area, though it was fragile and disrupted nearly immediately after Donald Trump announced withdrawal of American troops.

Russian and Syrian flags were flying from a building on the city outskirts and from a convoy of military vehicles.

His hometown, Kobani, was the birthplace of a US-Kurdish military alliance some five years ago when Washington intervened with airstrikes to help Kurdish fighters turn the tide against Islamic State.

The sequence of events have played a significant role in that.

Reuters journalists accompanied Syrian government forces who entered the centre of Manbij, a flashpoint where USA troops had previously conducted joint patrols with Turkey.

Erdogan has said Turkey will seize a border strip running hundreds of km (miles) from Kobani in the west to Hasaka in the east and 30-35 km (18 to 22 miles) deep inside Syria.

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) confirmed over the weekend that Kurdish troops guarding ISIS suspects would likely be redeployed to the frontline.

In Russia's strongest criticism since Turkey launched its military operation last week, President Vladimir Putin's envoy for Syria indicated Moscow wanted Ankara to wrap up its offensive soon.

He also decided the 1,000 U.S. troops he had planned to pull would remain in the region to act as a check on any resurgence of ISIS fighters.

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"The Russian military police continue to patrol the northwestern border of Manbij along the line of communication between Syrian and Turkish forces". "It's very different than if we had said, 'We are getting out of Syria in six months.' Reasonable-man definition says that we facilitated that attack".

"In my opinion, most all the people, all of the country, are united behind this operation because Turkish people are so exhausted. of the bombings and terrorist attacks that killed thousands of people", says Mr. Demir.

Syria's Kurdish groups exploited the withdrawal of government forces from the northeast at the start of the Syrian conflict to build up the institutions of autonomy and teach Kurdish language in local schools.

Russian and Syrian regime forces moved into strategic border cities in northern Syria after the formerly US-allied Kurdish-led administration of the region struck a deal to halt Turkey's offensive there.

Turkish-backed militias carrying out attacks in northern Syria came very close to American forces on the ground on Tuesday, putting them and their base "directly at risk", a USA official in Syria tells NPR. The Syrian Observatory reported that Syrian Kurdish fighters had retaken the town, but it appeared it was still being contested.

But even as he challenged the president on a policy that has resulted in the release of ISIS prisoners, led to attacks against key regional allies, and even led to shelling by Turkish forces toward a US troop-held position, he defended the president on impeachment by attacking Democrats.

McConnell had also warned of his "grave concern" in a written statement Monday that did not mention Trump by name.

Trump is sending Vice President Mike Pence and national security adviser Robert O'Brien to Ankara as soon as possible in an attempt to begin negotiations with Kurdish forces in Syria.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan ordered the operation after Trump told him he was pulling troops who had served as a buffer between the Syrian Kurds and Turkey.

Now with United States troops gone, Erdogan and his Turkish soldiers have begun an invasion into northeastern Syria. The president still has a standing invitation to President Erdogan to visit the United States.

The military incursion is meant to clear a swath of land along its border with Syria in an effort to return millions of Syrian refugees who emigrated to Turkey.

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