Published: Wed, October 16, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Rep. Ilhan Omar joins Ocasio-Cortez in endorsing Bernie Sanders for president

Rep. Ilhan Omar joins Ocasio-Cortez in endorsing Bernie Sanders for president

Progressive firebrand Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) will reportedly endorse socialist Sen.

Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez met in Burlington, Vermont, the last weekend of September, but neither side would discuss the details of their discussion.

A source told CNN that Tlaib would join her fellow congresswomen in endorsing Sanders.

"We're looking forward to Saturday", Ocasio-Cortez spokesperson Corbin Trent teased in a statement.

During the fourth Democratic debate on Tuesday night Sanders, who recently suffered a heart attack that raised questions about his health, teased the appearance of a surprise guest at a Bernie's Back rally scheduled for Saturday in NY.

Ilhan Omar said in a statement she had worked closely with him on legislation and praised Mr Sanders for leading a "working class movement to defeat Donald Trump that transcends generation, ethnicity, and geography".

The news comes as Sanders seeks to reinvigorate his campaign in the aftermath of a heart attack and slipping poll numbers.

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"You've heard Senator Sanders talk a lot about [how] the revolution is going to happen when you have a lot of young people get involved in the process", Shakir said.

"Let me invite you all to a major rally we're having in Queens", he said. Ilhan Omar has endorsed Sen. He has fallen to third place in polling, overtaken by liberal rival Elizabeth Warren who is now tied with Joe Biden.

Few figures hold as much sway in the party's liberal wing as Ocasio-Cortez, whose 2018 primary win over then-Rep.

The 78-year-old shares similar stances with Ms Ocasio-Cortez on a number of key issues, including an ambitious plan to tackle climate change and raising the federal minimum wage to $15.

The independent senator from Vermont has so far raised more than $60m in individual campaign contributions - more than any other Democrat in the running to become president - according to New York Times analysis.

Although Sanders' campaign declined to comment on the report, another person with knowledge of the move also confirmed Ocasio-Cortez's endorsement. It is unclear whether Ayanna Pressley, the fourth member of the group, will also back Sanders. He recently held a rally in Omar's district. On Tuesday, Sanders unveiled legislation with Omar to enact a universal school meals program.

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