Published: Wed, October 16, 2019
Life&Culture | By Sue Mclaughlin

Fortnite Chapter 2 launches with new areas and mechanics

Fortnite Chapter 2 launches with new areas and mechanics

Fortnite is back with Chapter 2 bringing a new map and other additions to the game, after dissolving into a mysterious black hole for a while.

Fortnite is known for revamping with a new theme every few months, so what happened this week is no shock (though this is by far the most drastic stunt pulled by Fortnite). How will this new map evolve over the course of the season? Things like base vehicle mechanics, weapons and team play were established in Chapter 1, but they've been augmented by water-based features, upgrade systems and the option to carry squads out of risky situations.

Epic also released a new video on the Battle Pass for Fortnite Chapter 2 which can be used by players to earn bonuses like character and weapon skins, new celebrations, emoticons, gear and more. Following this, the game remained unplayable and the servers were shown to be offline.

The game's latest update, ushering in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1, is now available to download too. And from the looks of it, Fortnite Chapter 2 has come with a bit of a visual upgrade - with DrLupo saying in the stream that "The graphics genuinely makes it look like a brand new game".

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Aside from in-match changes, there is a whole host of new changes and updates to the UI, Battle Pass, and more. Was a big "black hole death" event inside us all along?

Some folks on Twitter are saying the new cinematic trailer played for them in the lobby, but I was unable to access that, as pressing "relaunch" just took me out of the game, which is now updating. Is the new map as cool as you'd hoped? It features a waterfall, high-speed boat battles, plus characters swimming and fishing. There are also new hideouts (like haystacks and Dumpsters) and the ability to blow up gas tanks and explosive barrels. In my quick first playthrough, XP appeared on the screen and I got a medal for finding a new location.

Things are certainly different! Previous seasons only awarded players just enough to earn back the money, so the battle pass offers more value now.

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