Published: Mon, October 14, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Ukraine Probe Advances With New Characters And Plot Twists

Ukraine Probe Advances With New Characters And Plot Twists

The U.S. Democratic lawmaker leading the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump said that he was committed to protecting the whistleblower whose report triggered the probe into the president.

Mr Trump has denied wrongdoing and has described the impeachment probe as a partisan smear. Trump said, even though numerous whistleblower's allegations have been corroborated by other evidence, including the transcript of the President's call with Ukraine.

Democrats obtained a string of text messages between U.S. diplomats that showed the Trump administration's effort to pressure Ukraine into investigating Biden and his son Hunter, and that some diplomats in the text chain expressed concern that such actions were inappropriate.

Turning his attention to next year's election, Trump said he was convinced he would win in 2020, no matter what.

Despite Trump's assertions that he won't cooperate, some members of his administration are participating anyway.

Trump insists he didn't do anything wrong and has called the conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy "perfect".

The legal drama comes on a day when the former USA ambassador to Ukraine whom Giuliani disparaged, Marie Yovanovitch, testified before the House Intelligence Committee. Pelosi has a slew of freshmen Democrats from swing districts with lots of middle-of-the-road voters, while Trump hasn't delivered on many bread-and-butter issues since his 2017 tax cut bill.

The whistleblower behind the Ukraine saga doesn't want to testify in front of Congress.

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From 1954 until August 5, 2019, Jammu and Kashmir enjoyed special status under the Indian Constitution, which allowed it to enact its own laws.

The committees have subpoenaed or requested documents from the White House, the Defense Department, the White House Office of Management and Budget, Vice President Mike Pence, Energy Secretary Rick Perry, Trump personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani and two Giuliani associates.

Aides have come to view Giuliani's behavior much as they have their boss' - with resignation that they will rarely be consulted beforehand to develop a strategic plan, and that any plan will be ignored.

Schiff said that efforts to keep the whistleblower safe may change if, or how, his committee attempts to interview that individual.

"What I'm not going to let you all do is take the focus off the problem", Joe Biden said Sunday.

House Democrats have discussed protecting the whistleblower's identity by holding their testimony at a remote location and possibly obscuring the person's appearance and video with modification technology.

Lee Zeldin (R-NY) ripped House Intelligence Committee chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) and the impeachment process led by Schiff.

"If there was a vote before Thanksgiving, the agreement would be defeated", Trumka told The Washington Post.

A inexperienced gentle from labor would kill Pelosi's job powerful more straightforward, so the outlook for the synthetic agreement soured significantly when Trumka warned that labor would work to break it if House Democrats tried to bustle a vote. In contrast to the burst of legislating that occurred on the cusp of President Invoice Clinton's impeachment within the fall of 1998, Congress can nonetheless wrap up its work subsequent yr. Mr. Nixon spoke archly of his rivals in private - these remarks only became public when the Supreme Court ruled that his White House tapes could not be kept private - and constructed an "enemies list", but that didn't become public until White House counsel John Dean mentioned its existence in passing before the Senate Watergate Committee. The Giuliani team saw U.S. Ambassador Yovanovitch as an obstacle to their objectives - digging up derogatory information on former vice president Biden and smoothing the way for a possible natural gas deal in Ukraine, former officials said.

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