Published: Mon, October 14, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Google Pixel 4 specifications all but confirmed by Best Buy Canada

Google Pixel 4 specifications all but confirmed by Best Buy Canada

The Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL will also feature Face Unlock and the new Motion Sense.

Ahead of the phone's launch, most of its specifications and features have leaked online.

Google has been launching the latest Pixel devices in October for the past few years and this time is no exception.

In terms of camera, it has a dual-camera setup that could feature a 12-megapixel primary sensor and a 16-megapixel telephoto lens. This year, however, Google has apparently made a decision to follow Apple in a big way as it introduces the triple-camera setup in the exact way it has been laid out by the latest generation of iPhones! For selfies, the phones will offer an 8-megapixel camera. To do this, the 5.7-inch and 6.3-inch AMOLED displays on the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL respectively will both refresh at 90Hz.

Google Pixelbook Go with Ribbed Back Leaks Ahead of Official Launch
Other devices set to make their debut next week include a new Nest Mini, a new Nest Wifi , and maybe new Pixel Buds. It will have more rounded corners and edges and will be available in different colours.

As for the pricing, the current flagship Pixel devices start at $799, or $899 for the larger model, so expect the Pixel 4 have similar pricing if not higher. Front facer is 8MP, batteries are listed at 2,800- and 3,700mAh, and the phones run Snapdragon 855 chips, paired with 6GB of RAM, and 64GB of storage on the pre-order devices.

The Pixelbook Go will be officially unveiled on October 15th at Google's media briefing in NY. It will be powered by an Intel Core m3 or i5 or i7 processor.

Google is no longer focusing on tablets as it has now shifted its focus on laptops. The device also houses two far-field mic for taking Google Assistant voice commands.

The Pixelbook Go has a 3.5 mm headphone jack and two USB-C ports, located on the left and right side of the device. The search giant has also already revealed some tidbits about the Pixel 4, such as what it will look like and some of the features it will include. We also might see a new version of Google's mesh router system, Nest Wifi, and perhaps a new version of the Google Home Mini.

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