Published: Sun, October 13, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

You Can Now Download Twitter App Developed Via Catalyst On macOS Catalina

You Can Now Download Twitter App Developed Via Catalyst On macOS Catalina

Twitter has returned to the Mac with the debut of a new Catalyst-powered app for macOS Catalina, launched on Thursday.

macOS Catalina users can now enjoy a Twitter app on their Mac, made via Apple's new Catalyst tech, which lets developers easily port iPad apps.

However, earlier in 2019, Twitter released a blog post announcing that Mac Catalyst will allow it to re-introduce its desktop app, which will be easier to support and maintain thanks to the new changes. Third-Party apps like Slack and Chrome work well and I haven't had issues with Office or Photoshop, but if you are using older versions you may be out of luck since there is no 32-bit app support in Catalina. The former is designed more for those who work in social media or are heavy consumers or power users.

Twitter decided that it's time to give Mac users what they've been asking for a really long time.

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One of Catalina's distinctive features is Catalyst, Apple's initiative to bring iPad and iPhone applications to Mac, formerly codenamed Marzipan. The company said it was discontinuing the app in order to focus its attention on a "great Twitter experience that's consistent across all platforms". For example, for some unusual reason, the Twitter app has a double-toolbar which just looks odd.

Others pointed out that the full-screen experience is lacking and that the double toolbar seemed like a poor fit. And it's possible some of the other complaints will be addressed in time.

Twitter for Mac was discontinued past year, with the developers saying that Mac owners may stick to the web version in the meantime.

Some small design changes were added, and the app looks better while it runs on the macOS Catalina.

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