Published: Sun, October 13, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

US Calls Out Turkey, Slams Syrian Incursion as ‘Very Big Mistake’

US Calls Out Turkey, Slams Syrian Incursion as ‘Very Big Mistake’

But the opening barrage showed little sign of holding back: The Turkish Defense Military said its jets and artillery had struck 181 targets so far.

The first death of a Turkish soldier was confirmed by Turkey's military.

After siding with Turkey, Trump on Thursday mentioned that the United States militia has three alternatives: "Send in thousands of troops and net Militarily, hit Turkey very arduous Financially and with Sanctions, or mediate a deal between Turkey and the Kurds!"

Turkey moved into northern Syria on Wednesday after the president pulled U.S. troops out of the area. The official said that "we have not seen significant examples" of such abuses, "but we're very early".

One of Ankara's aims for the military operation is to establish a "safe zone" in which at least one million Syrian refugees can be repatriated, after the long-term presence of refugees became an increasingly political liability.

Ankara considers the YPG, the backbone of the Syrian Democratic Forces which have led the fight against ISIS with United States backing, a terrorist group waging a separatist fight on Turkish territory.

It was a wrenchingly familiar scene for many who had fled the militants of the Islamic State (IS) group only a few years ago.

One major concern for the global community is the fate of thousands of suspected IS prisoners, including many foreign nationals, being guarded by Kurdish-led forces in the region.

What's the latest on the fighting?

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The Turkish forces are trying to storm the towns of Yabseh, Munbateh, al-Hawiyeh and Beir Asheq near the Tal Abyad area in the northern countryside of Raqqa, said SANA.

Addressing his AKP party, Erdogan said Turkish troops had killed 109 "terrorists" and had captured several YPG fighters. "They aren't stopping firing on the village and civilians have been wounded and killed". A meeting at the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs was attended by US Ambassador to Turkey David Satterfield on Wednesday, two officials told AFP. "Everything I anxious about has come true, and now we have to make sure Turkey is protected from this threat in Syria".

The UN refugee agency said tens of thousands were on the move, and aid agencies warned that almost half a million people near the border were at risk.

How is the offensive affecting people?

The International Rescue Committee said 64,000 people in Syria have fled since the campaign began, the Observatory said. The SDF said 22 of its fighters were killed on Wednesday and Thursday.

What has the reaction been?

At the United Nations Security Council, both the United States and Russian Federation, for different reasons, refused to approve a European-proposed resolution condemning Turkey's action. The European Union has warned Turkey's hostilities would "further undermine the stability of the whole region".

"I want to express my deep concern about the escalation of conflicts we are witnessing in eastern Syria", Antonio Guterres told a press conference in Copenhagen. In a letter to the 15-member Council seen by Reuters, Turkey said its military operation would be "proportionate, measured and responsible".

Biden claimed that Trump made this decision on a whim, after a phone call with Turkish President Erdogan - a fellow strongman who has threaten to send millions of Syrian refugees into Europe if they dared to criticise his attack.

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