Published: Sun, October 13, 2019
Sport | By Kayla Schwartz

Naomi Osaka will represent Japan -- not US -- at 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Naomi Osaka will represent Japan -- not US -- at 2020 Tokyo Olympics

"I think I will be able to put more of my emotion into it by playing for the pride of the country", she told NHK.

Tennis star Naomi Osaka has chose to give up her USA citizenship so that she can represent her home country of Japan at the 2020 Summer Games in Tokyo. Osaka, who has a Japanese mom and a Haitian father, informed NHK she has accomplished an administrative step to acquire Japanese citizenship forward of her birthday subsequent week.

TOKYO (Reuters) - Tennis star Naomi Osaka has taken steps to give up her US citizenship to play for Japan in the 2020 Olympics, Japanese media said on Thursday. She added, "I think that it will be one of the most memorable things that will ever happen to me".

According to Japanese law, those with dual citizenship must select one before turning 22.

Osaka added she desires to goal for the gold though she can be nervous as expectations will likely be excessive.

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Osaka is now in fine form, winning the Toray Pan Pacific event in September and the China Open this month.

But she has confronted controversies over her dual heritage in a nation that is barely racially homogeneous, as well to scrutiny for her harmful Eastern language abilities - though others say they add to her allure.

Mixed-race children can often face prejudice in Japan, although attitudes among younger generations are changing.

The victor of two Grand Slam events, the 2018 U.S. Open and this year's Australian Open, Osaka was ranked No. 1 from January 28 to June 17 and again from August 12 to August 26.

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