Published: Sat, October 12, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

A Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite is also on the way

A Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite is also on the way

This was the first year Samsung launched two Note line models. The SM-G770F, which too neatly matches the SM-N770F of the mid-range Galaxy Note, could also partly be driven by the desire for more affordable flagships with acceptable compromises. This would be a cheaper Note 10 aimed at more budget-friendly users, much like the Galaxy S10e. For those wondering about the specifications of the upcoming smartphone, here are the specifications of the Galaxy S10. This device is expected to release sooner than the Lite smartphones by Samsung. Who knows. But if this takes place, it may also mean that the regular Galaxy S11 version may get dual front cameras instead of Galaxy S10's single front camera.

However, we really can't say how affordable it will be since there is no clue as to what the tech giant will trim off the Note 10 to qualify it as a Lite version.

Samsung's Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10 are two excellent series of phones, but they do cost a fair amount of money.

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We had received reports of an affordable Galaxy Note device earlier as well.

A November or December release seems more likely though, as Samsung could thus benefit from the growing sales during the holiday season, while at the same time giving the Galaxy Note10 Lite more exclusive time on the market before the S11 ships. It will also quite definitely have the S-pen otherwise it would make no sense to call it a Note device.

As for the Galaxy S10 Lite, Igarwal expects the phone to launch in Asia and Europe, but much like with the Note 10 Lite, the launch timeframe is still a mystery.

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