Published: Thu, October 10, 2019
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Elizabeth Warren says she’ll reject big fundraising events if nominated

Elizabeth Warren says she’ll reject big fundraising events if nominated

But she told CBS News in an interview posted on Tuesday evening that, even as President Donald Trump has set fundraising records, she would not change how her campaign raises money if she won the Democratic nomination.

Warren could have been fired for being pregnant, but her own words when not running for office suggests that that is not what happened.

Ironically, Warren sent an email to her supporters Tuesday afternoon that displayed a keen lack of self-awareness. "Our job is to stop them dead in their tracks".

Elizabeth Warren is standing by her account of being fired from a teaching job almost 50 years ago because she was pregnant - an anecdote that she routinely recounts at campaign events but one that some conservatives charge has been embellished to make the narrative more compelling for her presidential run.

"When I was 22 and finishing my first year of teaching, I had an experience millions of women will recognize. By June I was visibly pregnant - and the principal told me the job I'd already been promised for the next year would go to someone else", wrote Warren, who is 70. And I've asked other people to tell their stories as well.

"Yeah I'm not going to do the big-dollar fundraisers". In it she says, "My mother kept saying no, but then Daddy surprised both of us, saying: 'Let her try, Polly'".

"I worked with the children with disabilities".

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On the trail, Warren has often described her interaction with the principal as one of the moments that changed the course of her career. But it remains a widespread problem in many industries today. A key part of her stump speech, Warren told the story most recently to a crowd in San Diego: "I was visibly pregnant". Another relates to the end of her former occupation as a special needs educator - emphasizing her fight for women's rights.

What Harvey never gets to is a third critical aspect of the story, in which the Free Beacon showed minutes from a school board meeting that summer that Warren wasn't fired at all. Regardless, the school board offered to renew her job.

In between when Warren was hired and when she later took that course, school board meeting records show that Warren was offered a job for the following year in April of 1971, when she was about four months pregnant. However, two months later the board members indicated that they'd accepted Warren's resignation "with regret".

According to Warren, her contract was renewed to teach before the principal knew that she was pregnant. Elizabeth Warren's (D-Mass) claim that she faced pregnancy discrimination. She added: "And the principal did what principals did in those days: they wished you luck, showed you the door, and hired someone else for the job". That job is similar to the one she held the previous year, her first year of teaching. "I think that's being 'shown the door'". "I'm just not going to do it", Warren said.

One thing that's important to remember: At the time, it was common for women to be forced out of teaching jobs after they became pregnant. "But they kind of wanted you out if you were pregnant".

In a statement to CNN's MJ Lee, Kristen Orthman, Warren's communications director, added that as nominee, Warren would "continue to raise money and attend events that are open to the press to make sure the Democratic National Committee, state and local parties, and Democratic candidates everywhere not just to beat Donald Trump but also to win back Congress and state legislatures all across the country".

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