Published: Wed, October 09, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Spotify gets Siri support in iOS 13 alongside new tvOS app

Spotify gets Siri support in iOS 13 alongside new tvOS app

Following Apple's iOS 13 launch last month, Spotify have updated their app to accompany the new operating system for Apple devices.

Additionally, this will also work on other devices like AirPods, HomePod and even in the auto with Apple's CarPlay dashboard, where Spotify does have an app available on it.

Spotify has announced it is now available in six new streaming forms, with Apple, Sonos, Google and smartwatch devices.

Apple and Spotify put their rivalry aside once more as their relationship strengthens even deeper with music streaming support.

. Spotify now supports Siri, and also the HomePod, AirPods, and CarPlay will be receiving Spotify integration.

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Spotify control is one of those things you were surprised Siri couldn't provide all these years, but coped with using alternative routes for accessing the third-party music service. Basically, this means that the app will now turn on Data Saver when your iOS device's Low Data Mode is turned on.

Its a major shift reported and Siri has also brought about an integration that Spotify users have been wanting for some time now. When switched on, Low Data Mode signifies all apps to start using less data if possible.

Previously, iPhone owners who wished to play their music on Spotify using Siri need to the Apple assistant to play their music specifically on the streaming app. Failure to mention "Spotify" would always result to the assistant playing music from Apple's own Apple Music app.

With the update, Apple and Spotify have addressed one of Spotify's key concerns in its European Union antitrust complaint against Apple. Not considering the app will possess Siri's default to managing Apple's own versions of those applications. This functionality - at least for now - doesn't seem to be incompatible with Apple Watch watches. Customers should say "on Spotify" to make the most of the brand new performance, as an alternative of with the ability to set their default music app to Spotify, which might be simpler. Once that's taken care of, the familiar sections from the iOS app are available: Home, Your Library, and Search.

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