Published: Wed, October 09, 2019
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Reasons Not to Upgrade to macOS Catalina (Yet)

Reasons Not to Upgrade to macOS Catalina (Yet)

And that's probably the best-case scenario.

If you use a Mac in your day-to-day life, there's a good chance that whatever you use it for is important.

So, how do you know which apps are going to break in Catalina? Here are two ways to check.

No 32-bit Mac apps allowedUse the Mac's built-in 32-bit app checker. Way back in High Sierra, Apple started warning us that certain apps were no longer compatible and would stop working in future.

Check out my full macOS Catalina review on sister site Laptop Mag and our guide for how to download macOS Catalina to learn more.

If you find that some of the apps you use are 32-bit, you're low on options.

All Macs with the T2 Security Chip (2018 model onwards) now also support Activation Lock which means that only users will be able to erase and reactivate their Mac.

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To quickly check which of your Mac's apps are still 32-bit, open up the Mac's System Profiler.

Clicking the Apple logo button in the menu bar.

How to see all the 32-bit apps on your MacThe bad news is up there on the right.

Now, in the sidebar, click on the Applications entry. It's in the Software section of the sidebar. We're not sure if these titles will take more time to arrive, but the attractive puzzler Assemble With Care, as well Lego Brawls and Sonic Racing, are not in the Mac App Store. We strongly recommending identifying the 32-bit apps on your system and reaching out to developers to see if they will create 64-bit versions. For one, if you're dependent on a particular 32-bit app, it won't work in macOS Catalina, as many Twitter users discovered after upgrading.

Apple has released an update to Final Cut Pro X that adds support for Catalina - including Sidecar - as well as processors with up to 28 cores and multiple graphics cards, ready for the launch of the new Mac Pro. These requirements won't prevent you from running un-notarized apps, but they will make it a bit harder and more annoying to do so.

But for anyone who does upgrade, there are new security and privacy options, the introduction of Screen Time for computer usage monitoring, and the arrival of Apple Arcade. Others had to inform buyers that a macOS version would require a separate purchase, even if they've already bought the app from the App Store on an iPad or iPhone. You can either use the Mac's built-in Time Machine backup utility or grab a Mac backup app like Carbon Copy Cloner.

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