Published: Wed, October 09, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Britain's Brexit talks with European Union on verge of collapse

Britain's Brexit talks with European Union on verge of collapse

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, meanwhile, has warned British Prime Minister Boris Johnson that it is highly unlikely to reach a Brexit deal because of the lack of new London proposals for Ireland, according to a source from Downing Street 10.

The unnamed offer claimed she had told Boris Johnson that Northern Eire would favor to live contained within the EU's customs union if he wanted a deal.

That is despite legislation passed by MPs last month, known as the Benn Act, which requires Mr Johnson to write to the European Union requesting a further delay if no deal is signed off by Parliament by 19 October - unless MPs agree to a no-deal Brexit.

Mrs Merkel is said to have told the Prime Minister on Tuesday that a Brexit agreement is "overwhelmingly unlikely". In Berlin, a spokesman for the German government confirmed to AFP the two leaders had spoken but said he would not comment on the content of the call.

Varadkar said Ireland can't accept a deal at any cost as Britain seeks to renegotiate plans meant to ensure there is no hard border between the Republic of Ireland and the U.K.'s Northern Ireland.

"Merkel said that if Germany wanted to leave the EU they could do it no problem but the United Kingdom cannot leave without leaving Northern Ireland behind in the customs union and in full alignment forever".

In Belfast, Arlene Foster, leader of the Democratic Unionist Party, described a suggestion that Northern Ireland would be kept in the EU Customs Union as beyond insane.

Riding a wave of British frustrations with the saga, Johnson is threatening to leave at any cost - with or without a withdrawal deal - on October 31.

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"But, Keir Starmer, the Brexit spokesperson to the primary opposition Labour Party, stated that" this is just another cynical attempt by Number 10 to sabotage the discussions", asserting that Johnson's" plan from day one was to get a no-deal Brexit".

Jane Foley, a senior foreign exchange strategist at Rabobank, said the market remains highly sensitive to Brexit news and so rhetoric from key players in the Brexit decision-making process could have an impact.

While Berlin had not given up hope, she said the chances of a no-deal exit were rising again as the nature of the UK's proposals made any compromise very hard.

But he rejected an accusation from EU Council president Donald Tusk' that Johnson was playing "some stupid blame game".

Thursday 17 October - Crucial two-day summit of European Union leaders begins in Brussels.

Mr Varadkar and Boris Johnson are expected to meet for further Brexit talks later this week. Furthermore, its lawyers said, the deadline for a deal had not yet been reached, and so it would be inappropriate for the court to pass judgment at this time. But as an indication of Merkel's unwillingness to sacrifice Dublin's interests or European Union unity to avoid a no-deal Brexit, her exchange with Johnson was instructive.

The prime minister and his aides have repeatedly implied they would not comply with the law, leading to fears among those seeking to avoid a "no-deal" Brexit - which many economists, healthcare administrators, infrastructure leaders and other experts say would be disastrous for the United Kingdom economy and global standing - as well as those concerned for the rule of law in one of the world's oldest parliamentary democracies.

Late on Monday night, an 800-word text message attributed to someone in Johnson's office was published on the Spectator magazine's website, blaming the EU's refusal to move on the Irish question for the imminent collapse of the talks.

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