Published: Tue, October 08, 2019
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Ms Marvel joins Marvel's Avengers as the sixth playable character

Ms Marvel joins Marvel's Avengers as the sixth playable character

Although Marvel's Avengers features online play for groups of four, this exists in its own game mode. This is the event where the Avengers are framed and they go into hiding after disbanding.

First appearing in the comics back in 2013, Khan is a relatively new addition to the Marvel stable of heroes, but her cultural impact and popularity have been undeniable. Crystal Dynamics and Marvel Games revealed the character during NYCC via the aforementioned trailer, where we see her attack a bunch of A.I.M. agents and escape with some plot MacGuffin.

Don't forget though, Crystal Dynamics seems to be aiming Marvel's Avengers to be similar to games like Destiny where more post-launch content will be added.

The game will see the player controlling Ms. Marvel, who has polymorphic abilities and advanced healing, five years after the events.

The trailer confirms that Kamala will keep her Inhuman origins and powers, which are her stretchy and size-changing powers.

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With Marvel's Avengers seemingly set to become one of 2020's biggest games, it's understandable that some people might be wondering just how much time will they pour into the game before it's finished.

"Kamala is an inspired and perfectly fitting choice to join the ranks of, and reassemble, Earth's Mightiest Heroes", says Bill Rosemann, VP of Creative at Marvel Games.

"Kamala is an unapologetic fangirl - one of the traits we most love about her. Kamala wears her passion on her sleeve - making her relatable for many of us at the studio, and for fellow fans worldwide".

Sandra Saad was introduced as the voice actor for Kamala Khan, and came out on stage during the panel to speak about her personal connection to the fictional superhero. "Kamala allows us to imagine what we ourselves would do if we suddenly discovered we had superpowers and got to stand alongside our heroes in their time of greatest need". Kamala Khan, AKA the marvelous Ms Marvel, has been announced as the sixth playable character in the game, and she looks absolutely fantastic.

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