Published: Tue, October 08, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Most memorable moments from the 2019 Canadian Leader's Debate

Most memorable moments from the 2019 Canadian Leader's Debate

Another familiar narrative for Trudeau - whose approval ratings were near record lows heading into the election - was to repeatedly evoke the previous Conservative government of Stephen Harper, which he defeated in 2015, a mechanism he's used throughout the campaign.

While the other leaders and moderators kept calling Singh "Mr. Scheer" many Canadians continued to wonder how the mistake could happen a few times. Singh seems to have mentioned health care the most compared to the other leaders. Then Mr. Singh would calmly intervene, with his word the last one.

Trudeau took a slightly sharper stance against Quebec's contentious secularism bill than he had on the campaign trail in Monday's debate.

"We could be doing much better".

And twice in the debate, Singh was mistaken for Scheer, once by Trudeau and another time by moderator Dawna Friesen. But he often appeared more bystander than participant. "Deny", referring to Trudeau and Scheer. The only problem is, the polls show no such lead. Scheer mentioned he exclusively renounced his American citizenship in August.

Ignoring Scheer's taunts, Trudeau deftly shifted the ground, talking about getting "everyone playing on the same team", while Conservative leaders like Alberta Premier Jason Kenney and Ontario Premier Doug Ford didn't "want to do anything" about fighting climate change.

But Mr. Scheer was waiting for him.

"Leaders debates give us the opportunity to hear from these leaders directly unedited, and unfiltered", said Debate Commissioner David Johnston in his pre-debate remarks.

Controversial Eben Etzebeth case to go before Equality Court
The Equality Court can hear cases if the NPA does not prosecute and usually hands out fines or community service. Etzebeth also met with the human rights commission, the HRC, before flying to Japan with the Springboks squad.

From the get-go, Scheer went on the attack, calling Trudeau "a phoney and a fraud". It was like that all night.

But the format of the debate and the sheer number of leaders on stage made substantive debate on policies hard and, with leaders talking over one another, often impossible to hear.

The debate also included Yves-Francois Blanchet, leader of the separatist Bloc Quebecois which is on track to regain official party status (needing 12 seats in parliament), and Maxime Bernier, who split with the Tories after a failed leadership run to start the People's Party. But though he was a force at the beginning of the debate, Mr. Bernier's energy appeared to flag as time went on. Scheer dismissed the idea he has any concerns about Bernier's presence. You have the same sort of policies as socialist countries like Venezuela.

Tonight's debate, and the French-language debate happening on Wednesday, are being hosted and broadcast by a new partnership of 10 news media organizations called the Canadian Debate Production Partnership, which includes CTV News, and was organized by the Leaders' Debate Commission.

Despite running a largely gaffe-free campaign, Scheer was put on the defensive last week after the Globe and Mail reported he held dual citizenship with the United States. "You vote New Democrats, we're going to make sure we're going to make these things happen because we don't work for the powerful and wealthy". But if the night belonged to anyone, it belonged to Jagmeet Singh.

During a recent televised election debate, Canada's opposition Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer slammed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as "a phony" person who, he said, did not deserve to win the country's upcoming elections.

Green party leader Elizabeth May, fresh from firing a Green candidate in Ontario for anti-abortion comments made online, took Trudeau to task on her signature policy - the war on climate change.

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