Published: Tue, October 08, 2019
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Guide: Destiny 2 - How to Start the Campaigns

Guide: Destiny 2 - How to Start the Campaigns

Shadowkeep has a brand new exotic quest for you to find.

Congratulations to our Garden of Salvation World First Raid winners! Oddly enough, the group did not get a guaranteed raid exotic after their clear.

We're rather happy that Bungie has implemented a raid exotic that anybody can get so long as they complete a quest, similar to what was done with the Legend of Acrius in the Leviathan raid.

Bungie has already released "Destiny 2: Shadowkeep" in the wild and the crowd loves it. Shadowkeep is the fourth major DLC drop for Destiny 2, following on from Curse of Osiris, Warmind, and Forsaken.

Despite New Light being framed as this great way to get into Destiny 2, it feels much more tailored for experienced players who want to start a new character.

When you arrive at Lunar Battleground, swing left before you cross the broken bridge and make your way down a tunnel until you reach a Vex gate. There will be three waves of mobs that'll spawn here. Take it out easily and pick up the drops. However, since there are none of these confluxes on the moon, your next best bet is on Nessus. This area connections to the Sorrow's Harbor area, via a red bridge on the right hand side as you spawn in, about half way down the area itself.

Saturn is now the planet with the most moons
And even if it does have fewer satellites than Saturn, it will always have the most inhospitable radiation environment! Two of the new prograde moons appear to belong to a group that swings around Saturn at an angle of about 46 degrees.

The Vex Offensive is officially underway and there are hordes of angry robots pouring out of the Black Garden.

You're now done analyzing all three Vex cores.

Farming them is actually quite easy in Destiny 2's Season of the Undying.

Once you've completed all seven puzzles you'll need to complete the raid in order to claim Divinity from the final chest. Simply start the Vex Offensive activity and start killing everything.

The next step is a bit more involved and you'll need a raid team. Any kill that occurs will automatically credit you with the materials needed for this step.

All you need to do is first have Vex Offensive unlocked by completing Eyes on the Moon if you haven't already. The cream of the crop when it comes to endgame activity, Destiny 2's raids are gargantuan white-knuckle adventures that can take up hours of your time and sees more bullets unloaded in a single session than all of Leningrad did when Hitler tried to outmuscle the Russians during the most bitter of winters.

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