Published: Mon, October 07, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Apple Removes App That Hong Kong Protestors Used to Track Police

Apple Removes App That Hong Kong Protestors Used to Track Police

Similar to Google Maps but with more graphics, it advises users of protest developments with symbols: for example, a dog for police presence and two exclamation marks for danger. expressed frustration over Apple's decision in a series of tweets on October 1.

Amazon's Prime Video app was restored to Apple's App Store for iOS and Apple TV app menu on Friday afternoon, after it had mysteriously disappeared earlier in the day. Rather, he said the alerts will help people avoid illegal protests and comply with law enforcement's wishes. When the legislature refused to withdraw the bill and used harsh police tactics to crack down on protesters, the situation escalated drastically. On Tuesday Hong Kong police said protesters were throwing acid, and an 18-year-old protester was shot in the chest.

Apple was "coming up with every reason to reject our App, which was simply a web app", said.

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Unfortunately, HKMap's philosophical argument and its comments on Waze have not been enough to sway Apple into even issuing a reply. It also noted that anything can be used for illegal purposes in the wrong hands and that the app is designed only to provide information.

An admin of who goes by the alias Kuma told The Epoch Times that they have appealed Apple's decision and they are now "back in review process". To make it clear, I still believe this is more a bureaucratic f up than censorship.

Although Hong Kong's legal system is distinct from China's, Apple's rejection of the app could be seen by detractors as the company trying to maintain positive relations with mainland China, which still represents a significant chunk of its sales.

"It reports locations and does nothing else".

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