Published: Thu, September 26, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Amazon Announced a Whole Bunch of Devices Today

Amazon Announced a Whole Bunch of Devices Today

Here's what to know. Still, those devices haven't been mass-market hits, and some of them are among the more poorly reviewed gadgets in Amazon's Echo line. Although smart displays running Amazon's assistant have been increasingly popular in recent years, like the Echo Show, the technology started out as voice-only from the beginning. This little guy clocks in (sorry) at $99 in Australia.

For those not yet rocking wireless earbuds, and have been waiting for a pair that offer Alexa integration, Amazon has your answer.

Amazon has been working to keep its momentum: Last September, Amazon introduced Alexa-controlled products ranging from the expected (more Echo smart speakers) to the surprising (a $60 AmazonBasics microwave that can warm food via voice commands - such as, "Alexa, heat up one cup of coffee" - when used with an Echo device). According to Amazon, the oven is somewhat spacious, with enough room to cook a 5-pound chicken.

The Amazon voice assistant was also infused prototype eyeglass frames on display at the media event along with an enhanced array of Echo smart speakers.

It works just like you'd guess: you can press a button, make voice queries, and then hear them back.

To ease us into things Amazon announce some expected upgrades to existing Echo products.

Dave Limp senior vice president for Amazon devices & services talks about Echo Buds the tech company's new wireless earbuds product Wednesday Sept. 25 2019 at an event in Seattle

They were rumored earlier this week, but now we have confirmation of the Echo Buds from Amazon.

The beefed-up Echo Studio, aimed at music lovers, costs $200 and comes with 3D audio.

Editor's Note: The following announcements did not come with Australian pricing, so it can be assumed there is no current or immediate plans for them to release on our shores. And is doing so while staying very much within Amazon's usual philosophy of pushing into new market segments with prices way lower than what's available today. Having slowly improved the audio performance of its Alexa-powered Echo speakers, the new Echo Studio promises the company's best-sounding speaker yet, just in time for the launch of Amazon Music HD.

The FreeTime feature that's been available on the iPad Echo Dot will now be available on the Echo Show. Alexa Hunches will now recommend new routines and offer suggestions, like when to replace printer toner, or when batteries in connected devices need to be changed. So if you're ok with inviting your children and their personal data into Amazon's ecosystem get excited. It also announced new partnerships to put Alexa in cars. It can also show timers, alarms, and even the outside temperature. The Echo Glow will retail for $US30 ($44).

And news investigations into Ring's expanding partnerships with police forces across the U.S. have revealed that the company has partnered with more than 465 law enforcement agencies, raising privacy concerns and civil rights issues.

Despite that, Amazon fits in two speakers on each side, batteries, connectivity for your smartphone, and microphones.

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