Published: Fri, September 20, 2019
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Google pays tribute to Friends with character Easter eggs

Google pays tribute to Friends with character Easter eggs

Google is commemorating the 25th anniversary of "Friends" by building Easter eggs into its search results for each character from the series.

You have to make sure to Google all of the characters from Friends right now to see the fun features that were put in place to celebrate the show's 25th anniversary!

If you want to hear the annoying but amusing "Pivot!" by Ross, just Google Search him and tap on the couch icon. Then, when you click on that, you'll hear a soundbite of Ross yelling "Pivot!" The search engine introduced a feature on Thursday which allows users to click on a special icon when they search for any character on the popular sitcom.

Finally, on searching Chandler Bing, you will find the couch icon.

Ralph Lauren launches Rachel Green-inspired 'Friends' collection

Type in "Rachel Green" and Jennifer Aniston's iconic layered hairstyle will pop up.

Lisa, who essayed the role of lovable free spirit Phoebe Buffay in the show, said that she is still connected with her co-stars. Everyone remembers that Courteney Cox's character was a clean freak, right? Click on it, and not only can you hear Phoebe sing the entire song, which is from Season 2, episode "The One with the Baby on the Bus", and you'll see a ridiculously stinky cat emoji traverse about your screen. The show will complete 25 years on September 21 and 22 and the makers have lined up many interesting ways to celebrate the occasions including fans. Clicking that leads you to a Google Images search results page for the famous 'do. If you search her name in Google, a bucket of soap suds appears under her bio name.

Fans searching for "Friends glossary" will also be treated to definitions of memorable phrases from the show such as "unfloopy", "phalange", "mississipily" and so on.

Aaron Carter Claims He Was Raped by Late Sister Leslie
The alleged incident happened in 2004 when socialite Hilton was Nick Carter's girlfriend. Aaron's claims were published after he handed over two assault rifles on Wednesday.

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