Published: Fri, September 20, 2019
Sci-tech | By Patricia Wade

Global climate rally taking place in Huntsville

Global climate rally taking place in Huntsville

Australians have kicked off a global day of strikes and protests demanding more action on climate change.

Management and staff of RenewEconomy and EV Media, publisher of our sister site The Driven, will be taking a long lunch this coming Friday - not in some weird throw-back to the 80s, but to lend our support to the global student-led fight against political inaction on change.

In an interview with one of the activists, she highlighted that this network is a non-violent Lebanese movement who organizes climate-related activities and strikes despite having limited funds. On the streets of Berlin, protesters were due to gather at the Brandenburg Gate. We invite you to partner with us.

The Sooke School Board also tries to strike a balance, said chairman Ravi Parmar.

Sydney's Domain was packed with thousands of students.

"The notion of using children in all of this is scandalous and the politics of climate change has become poisonous". Her choice of transportation mode came as a refusal to fly to the United States given that air travel has a significant carbon footprint, "I want to practice as I preach" she explains. "There might not even be a future".

"While many people are nervous about the scale of economic transition we need to preserve our climate, the young understand that if we want things to stay the same, things will have to radically change".

Pine (centre) at Friday's protest.

As the sun rose above the worldwide dateline, events began in the deluge-threatened Pacific Islands of Vanuatu, the Solomons and Kiribati - where children chanted "we are not sinking, we are fighting".

"We are leading by example through bold actions".

Kerryn Phelps talks to SBS News. "No One Is Too Small to Make a Difference" is scheduled for November.

Callum Thomas is from the group and attends the Victory Academy in Magpie Hall Road, Chatham. Organizers said 15,000 rallied in Canberra, but police said 7,000.

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According to Ruby, school administrators said the event could be unsafe and it could not in good conscience sponsor students to attend the event. "But we're learning about the world, the danger we're in and what we can do about it".

Among the many trade unions throwing their weight behind the strikes are the TUC Congress, the University and College Union and Unite. The goal of the movement is for youth to take a stand for their health, future and climate justice.

The protests are partly inspired by the activism of Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg, who has staged weekly demonstrations under the heading "Fridays for Future" over the past year, calling on world leaders to step up their efforts against climate change.

In Palangka Raya, in Indonesia's Central Kalimantan province, youths carrying placards marched through heavy smog caused by forest fires.

In 2018, she protested by sitting outside the Riksdag, the Swedish legislature and the supreme decision-making body to urge the government to take appropriate measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

But some government MPs have voiced disapproval of the strikes.

Marches also took place early on Friday in Hong Kong, Thailand and India.

"I don't think its the place of the premier to be there in Montreal, but I've said already if Greta is open to meet me, I'm open to meeting her", Legault said Wednesday in Quebec City. "You go first!" Thunberg posted on Instagram on Thursday.

"The facts are, there is no link between climate change and drought, polar bears are increasing in number", he said.

"Today's generation is safer from extreme weather than at any time in human history", he said.

In the Saanich School District, superintendent Dave Eberwein said all field trips are reviewed individually for appropriateness and safety.

Australian universities said they would not penalize students for attending Friday's rallies, while Australian schools varied on what action, if any, they would take against children who skipped classes to attend demonstrations.

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