Published: Thu, September 19, 2019
Sport | By Kayla Schwartz

Texans' DeAndre Hopkins says Jalen Ramsey is his 'favorite corner' to face

Texans' DeAndre Hopkins says Jalen Ramsey is his 'favorite corner' to face

Jacksonville now falls to 0-2 to start the season, but they did find a glimmer of hope in Minshew's first career start on Sunday. After Colvin's performance, there's nowhere to go but up and I think we may be a bit surprised possibly at how he performs for this team. "Just congratulating me, saying I played well, played hard, keep it up and said they were impressed with the composure I had".

The Jaguars defense responded after getting eviscerated last week by the Chiefs, playing well enough to win.

Houston wins on Sunday if - Houston's defense must be more aggressive, especially against a rookie quarterback making his first National Football League start, and offensively they'll need the offensive line to play better than they did in Week 1 when they allowed six sacks to open the season. Instead, they allowed the Jaguars to convert two fourth downs, including a fourth and ten, as part of a 14-play, 68-yard touchdown drive.

Watt had two tackles and a fumble recovery Sunday after a seemingly slow start to his season.

With the Jags trailing the Houston Texans 3-0 early in the first half, Jalen Ramsey was seen shouting about something on the sideline.

Trump backs US-Israeli defence treaty ahead of key elections
Netanyahu is also trying hard to make the life of Gantz and Lieberman very difficult should either be asked to form a government. After the last election, Gantz said he would consider this type of government only if Netanyahu stepped down as Likud leader.

Ramsey's trade request comes a day after he got into a heated argument with Marrone during Sunday's loss to the Houston Texans. Ramsey was reportedly upset after Marrone failed to challenge a catch by Texans receiver DeAndre Hopkins.

Marrone was asked about the exchange and didn't provide many details. "I don't know. I can't recall".

Ramsey refused to talk to reporters after the game. "The ref literally admitted to me that guy held me on one play, and he didn't throw the flag".

Said O'Brien on Monday: "There were a couple of things - like I said, we all have to work hard, and Lonnie will work hard to improve on certain things. I knew it was a stop". "I don't know what to do with that". Houston ended up kicking a field goal and going up three points.

On 4th and 10 from his own side of the 50 he dropped back and saw nothing, so he took it himself, roaring up the middle of the field, his mustache blowing softly in the wind.

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