Published: Thu, September 19, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Snapchat Introduces 3D Selfie Feature

Snapchat Introduces 3D Selfie Feature

Today we're excited to introduce a 3D Camera Mode that adds depth to your Snaps.

According to the official Snapchat site, the 3D Camera Mode allows the app's users to take 3D images through the app. The new 3D camera mode will enable the ability to use its 3D Effects, 3D Lenses, and 3D Filters to make the selfies more lovely and lively. These new Snaps look different, act different, and feel different. Viewers can move their phones around to watch the perspectives change within the photo and to explore the photos from different angles. However, one can still view the 3D snaps on the app.

Want to take 3D photos of your body on Snapchat? While still in the Preview Mode, you can rotate and wiggle your phone around to see the different perspectives that the 3D image brings. For now, Android users will enjoy just viewing and receiving those 3D photos from Snapchat. Furthermore, the 3D selfies can be stored in your camera roll and elsewhere.

Expect to see more 3D Selfie Lenses added in the near future as Snapchat expands this feature.

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At the time of writing, Snapchat did not mention if this new 3D selfie feature will be released to Android devices anytime soon.

The update comes after 3D effects arrived with Spectacles 3 in August. The device has dual cameras created to capture depth, and "power new augmented reality creative tools" to help you enhance your Snaps. The feature captures 3D selfies and lets you add 3D effects, lenses, and filters.

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