Published: Thu, September 19, 2019
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Never asked for imposing Hindi over other regional languages: Amit Shah

Never asked for imposing Hindi over other regional languages: Amit Shah

Incidentally, a viral video of former Union financial minister P Chidambaram in which he is promoting the usage of Hindi language is going around.

The NSW public school language curriculum has also been expanded to also offer Hindi, Punjabi and Persian, taking the number of languages on offer to 69. A common language is good for a country's development but unfortunately, we can't have a common language in India. "The Governor said that the statement was taken out of context". Leaders of the 60 million Tamils of Tamil Nadu have already warned that they will revive the massive anti-Hindi agitation of 1965, which stopped the roll of the Hindi juggernaut and also obliterated India's "national" parties in the State. The move to inpose Hindi on them amounts to enslaving them. But it is absolutely essential that the entire country has one language that becomes the identity of the nation in the world. Now, no Shah, Sultan or Samrat should renege on the promise. We respect all languages but our mother language will always be Tamil. "The battle for our language will be exponentially bigger...", he says.

A total of 22 languages of the country are recognised under the Eight Schedule of the Constitution. The freedom movement was the real reflector of this diversity.

Hindi as a language is not richer or older or more scientific or more authentic than any other language in India, to merit representative status.

The remains of Mugabe to be moved to his village, Kutama
Instead they accuse Mr Mnangagwa of betrayal after he dislodged the former president in a coup in November 2017. There are about 130 national heroes buried there, each on a flat surface marked by simple black marble slabs.

"It's such a shame because, in actual fact, we've got the most number of languages in the community but what happens is the kids go to school with the language and often lose that by the time they get to Year 12". "Many states in northern parts will also not accept that" Rajinikanth, who has announced that he will enter politics ahead of the next Assembly polls (2021), said. "Forcing a language isn't acceptable". No Indian should feel alienated because of language.

The debate was rekindled again in June when the draft National Education Policy proposed the imposition of "three-language formula" that mandated learning of Hindi along with two other languages across all schools of India. The argument continues that Hindi is the language of the majority of Indians. The people in the South and Northeast don't speak Hindi, he added. The resistance to this was articulated by Periyar Ramasamy Naicker, who raised the slogan "Tamil Nadu for Tamilians" and accused Hindi of being a tool of the Aryans for infiltrating Dravidian culture. In the name of language, there are no issues in the country now.

Stalin said the DMK's protest announcement has led to a situation where anti-Hindi protests could be held nationwide and hence the Governor could have given this assurance.

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