Published: Thu, September 19, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Hong Kong protest organiser Denise Ho asks US Congress for help

Hong Kong protest organiser Denise Ho asks US Congress for help

In an appearance likely to infuriate Beijing, the activists at the forefront of Hong Kong's mass protests testified before a congressional commission in support of U.S. legislation aimed at defending Hong Kong people's civil rights.

Wong was joined by Hong Kong celebrity activist Denise Ho, who warned that an erosion of the city's unique status would embolden China if the US does not put pressure on Beijing and support USA legislation aimed at defending Hong Kongers' civil rights.

A common point was that of foreign interference and an influx of western values coming to China.

Thousands of anti-government protesters, many clad in black masks, caps and shades to obscure their identity, had raced through the streets, engaged in cat-and-mouse tactics with police, setting street fires and blocking roads in the heart of the former British colony where many key business districts are located.

More than 1,400 people have been arrested since the demonstrations first erupted in June over a controversial extradition bill. "Suppressing the violence is still the priority". The trigger was an extradition Bill, now withdrawn, that would have allowed people to be sent from Hong Kong to China for trial. The movement has expanded into a broader pro-democracy movement in the semi-autonomous financial hub where activists say freedom has been eroding.

Though Lam withdrew the controversial bill on September 4, protesters have continued to stage rallies and hold marches, demanding that the city government uphold the 1984 Sino-British Joint Declaration which ensures the Hong Kong people's autonomy and freedoms until 2047 or later.

He warned that Chinese President Xi Jinping may take harsher action before next month's 70th anniversary of communist China. "The present state of affairs reveals Beijing's utter inability to understand, let alone govern, a free society", Wong said.

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Authorities approached eight global PR firms but four "immediately declined because it would be a detriment to their reputation to support the Hong Kong government now", the city's chief executive Carrie Lam told business people in a closed-door speech in late August.

Hong Kong returned to China in 1997 under a "one country, two systems" formula that guarantees the city's residents freedoms not enjoyed on the mainland, including an independent legal system.

'That deadline is closer to us than it appears; there's no return, ' Wong said.

"Will the Excessive Commissioner enhance our charm for this Council to convene an urgent session and achieve a Price of Inquiry, to originate certain justice and human rights for the oldsters of Hong Kong?" she asked. "Here's a straight away effect of the dearth of democracy in Hong Kong, as the authorities just isn't held in rate for its endorsement of police abuse", Chan told the UNHRC on Monday.

President Donald Trump's administration, however, has taken a low profile, with some analysts saying that a vocal U.S. stance could feed Beijing's attempts to brand the protesters as foreign agitators. -China trade war. It is also seen as an embarrassment to Beijing, which has accused foreign powers of fomenting the unrest.

"This is a plea for democracy", singer and activist Denise Ho told a hearing of the Congressional-Executive Commission on China on Tuesday.

Wong urged lawmakers to prohibit USA firms from exporting tear gas and other items, which he said police in Hong Kong are using excessively against the protesters.

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