Published: Thu, September 19, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

French crews rescue Belgian pilot from electrical line after plane crashes

French crews rescue Belgian pilot from electrical line after plane crashes

A Belgian Air Force F-16 fighter plane crashed Thursday in western France, leaving one pilot caught on a high-voltage power line.

French media say the crash took place farther east, near Pluvigner.

It said one pilot had been rescued while operations were underway by the military and electricity workers to free the other from the high-voltage power line.

The plane was travelling from Belgium to a naval air base in France when it came down between the towns of Pluvigner and Landaul, in Britanny, according to a statement from the regional prefecture, or administration.

A pilot was seriously injured during his ejection of the aircraft during an exercise in Brittany.

The plane exploded upon impact
The plane exploded upon impact

A French police spokeswoman said there were no injuries among local residents and that 100 police officers had surrounded the crash site to look for clues as to the cause. There were conflicting reports over the second who is reported to have become caught on a 250,000 volt high-tension electricity line.

A large rescue involving 100 personnel is underway as crews attempt to free one of the pilots left dangling almost 100ft in the air.

'We were in the garden, the plans passed above the trees. We heard a loud bang and the noise of metal tearing. "Then silence", a local told Ouest-France.

The plane had been taking part in an exercise along the coast of the maritime town of Brest when the crash happened.

The plane itself was not armed.

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