Published: Thu, September 19, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Even Rockstar has its own game launcher now

Even Rockstar has its own game launcher now

In addition to its attempt to making game curation a bit easier, the Rockstar Games Launcher will keep all of your games updated automatically and includes cloud save functionality.

With PC gamers now upset at the notion of downloading another launcher for Epic Store exclusives, Rockstar's newest offering will most likely be an unwelcome surprise. It isn't Ubisoft, which releases a new game roughly every harvest moon; nor is it EA or Activision Blizzard, which maintain large multiplayer communities. If it is, it may end up skipping platforms like Steam, because by having its own launcher, Rockstar gets the whole pie, instead of a mere percentage. Launched today, the aptly-named Rockstart Games Launcher is your new gateway for anything Rockstar on Windows.

Naturally, you'll also be able to buy Rockstar games via the new app - who would've guessed?

Rockstar is dangling some goodies as incentive for downloading and installing the launcher.

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It seems that the days of Steam being the de facto PC launcher and game store is now over. Once it's found them, it can be used to play those too, with a "Play on Steam" button appearing that, you guessed it, fires up the Steam launcher to play through. It's available on most video game consoles, and was even released for iPhone and Android. That's not to say the games that are on PC are bad - quite the contrary.

Kotaku reported that the launcher was initially spotted by GTA and Red Dead Redemption fans on Twitter, before its official announcement.

But perhaps this is a lead-in to precisely that. Otherwise, why would anyone bother?

Click the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas banner at the top of the welcome page, then complete the transaction to add the (free!) game to your library.

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