Published: Tue, September 17, 2019
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The remains of Mugabe to be moved to his village, Kutama

The remains of Mugabe to be moved to his village, Kutama

Zimbabwe gave former leader Robert Mugabe a state funeral on Saturday with African leaders paying tribute to a man lauded as a liberation hero but whose 37-year rule was defined by repression and economic turmoil.

A memorial service in his honour is set to take place at the national stadium in Harare, this after the 95-year-old died in a Singaporean hospital last week.

Al Jazeera's Haru Mutasa, reporting from the national stadium in the capital, said the wrangle over the burial exposed the deep divisions in the country over Mugabe's legacy. There were military and police bands, and world leaders were brought in - including the presidents of Kenya, South Africa, Ethiopia, Angola and Mozambique.

An emotional Zhuwao said that although it would have been more logical for the former first family to seek refuge in neighbouring South Africa, given their historical relationship, South Africa's treatment of Mugabe's wife, Grace - with regard to her alleged assault on model Gabriella Engels in a Johannesburg hotel room two years ago - had prompted them to rather relocate to Singapore.

It was meant to be a resounding send-off for Zimbabwe's founding father, the freedom fighter who liberated the southern African nation from white-minority rule.

There are about 130 national heroes buried there, each on a flat surface marked by simple black marble slabs.

Eventually the family agreed to his final burial at a national monument in Harare in about 30 days, after a new mausoleum is built for him. In a series of announcements throughout the week they divulged details of where, when and how Mugabe would be buried.

"We who remain shall continue to hear his rich, brave, defiant and inspiring voice. encouraging and warning us to be vigilant and astute", Mnangagwa said in a speech.

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And that what will happen at the Hero's Acre next month will only be formalities.

His family are still bitter over the role Mnangagwa played in his ouster and had pushed for Mugabe to be buried in his homestead of Zvimba, northwest of Harare.

There have also been questions about his widow's future, with some unsure whether she would remain in Zimbabwe without her beloved husband. Instead they accuse Mr Mnangagwa of betrayal after he dislodged the former president in a coup in November 2017.

Zimbabwean politicians, worldwide dignitaries and thousands of citizens have gathered at a stadium in Harare to pay their final respects to the country's founding father, Robert Mugabe.

"He said: "... The bold, steadfast and resolute revolutionary, Comrade Robert Gabriel Mugabe, is no more".

Mugabe famously declared that only God could remove him from office.

Thursday's visit was Mnangagwa's first visit to the Mugabe family home since 2017.

The Heroes' Acre monument is reserved for top officials of Zimbabwe's ruling ZANU-PF party who contributed to ending white colonial rule.

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