Published: Tue, September 17, 2019
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How will GM strike in America affect Cami, other local auto plants?

How will GM strike in America affect Cami, other local auto plants?

United Auto Workers spokesman Brian Rothenberg says he hasn't received any report about whether negotiators are making progress. But if you force our hand by trying to take away what's ours, we've got to strike. The GM contract could serve as a template for union contracts with other automakers.

"Our members won't cross the picket line", Caldwell said Sunday.

Workers at Ford and Fiat Chrysler agreed to extend their contracts, but GM management was informed Saturday that the union would not extend its contract. But they says it's necessary to send a message to GM that they want their fair share of the pie.

Talks are set to resume Monday, but plants that makes cars and parts in nine states will be closed with almost 50,000 workers off the job.

Workers used cries of solidarity as the strike approached one full day off the job at GM at the Warren Transmission Plant. The company also said it offered higher profit sharing, "nationally leading" health benefits and an $8,000 payment to each worker upon ratification.

Contract talks were scheduled to resume at 10 a.m. EDT on Monday.

Union Vice President Terry Dittes said the decision to go on strike was a last resort, but necessary.

"We are disappointed that the company waited until just two hours before the contract expired to make what we regard as its first serious offer", Dittes wrote in the letter to Scott Sandefur, GM's vice president of labor relations. GM would not give a precise number.

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Senator Bernie Sanders tweeted a message to GM, calling for the company to "end the greed, sit down with the UAW and work out an agreement that treats your workers with the respect and the dignity they deserve".

But despite the importance of the Arlington plant to the company's overall health, Hines said the Texas workers will remain in lock step with striking workers around the nation, and continue the strike until a better deal is negotiated. That would mean fewer vehicles for consumers to choose from on dealer lots, and it would make it impossible to build specially ordered cars and trucks.

Monday's strike is the first one since 2007, when workers walked of the job for two days.

GM Canada's Oshawa plant will see the vast majority of its 2,600 unionized employees laid off this year, though initial plans to close it were adjusted to save about 300 of those jobs for a parts operation.

Adding to the friction is a federal corruption probe of the union leadership, which resulted in an FBI search last month of the home of UAW President Gary Jones.

- GM is making big money, $8 billion past year alone, and workers want a bigger slice. Some workers have called on Jones to step down amid the probe, which has accused some union officials of hiding bribes and embezzling money from the union. But GM still builds the overwhelming majority of cars it sells in the United States market in North America. The union wants to limit GM's use of temporary workers in its plants, and narrow the pay gap between new hires and veteran workers. GM's gap is the largest at $13 per hour, according to figures from the Center for Automotive Research. Traditionally, foreign-owned plants eventually wind up boosting their own wages and benefits after the Detroit Big Three conclude their negotiations.

Experts say the scandal will make it more hard to get rank and file union members at the automakers to ratify any tentative deal reached by union leadership. The companies would like to cut costs.

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