Published: Fri, September 13, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Nintendo's New Fitness Game Puts Joy-Cons in Strange Places

Nintendo's New Fitness Game Puts Joy-Cons in Strange Places

There are challenges for different fitness levels and body types, and Ring Fit Adventure can be tailored to different players' level of skill.

People use LOL an terrible lot these days but do not mean it but I am now getting very odd looks across the office as I have laughed very, very loudly at the two rather scary people cheerfully chanting "Ring Fit Adventures" in this new video from Nintendo.

Back in 2018 the company expressed the desire to bring the game to the console, and today you can play it. Actions in the game will require players to perform movements like running in place to, well, run.

"Nintendo is always looking for ways to surprise people", said Nick Chavez, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Nintendo, in a press release.

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Nintendo has made fitness accessories before, carving out a market for children and older adults who want to stay energetic. Nintendo at its innovative best, Wii Fit kickstarted a video game fitness craze by combining new technology with a user-friendly and entertaining gameplay experience. You have to move your character manually by jogging or walking on the spot, while the Ring-Con is used to interact with objects in the world.

Do you plan to get into shape when Ring Fit Adventure launches on the Switch?

In this explainer video released Thursday, Nintendo goes into detail about how the Ring-Con (the big hoop thing), leg strap, and game work together. The game and accessories cost a combined $79.99. Moving, attacking, and more is accomplished by moving the new Ring-Con and Leg Strap. That's $20 more than the average flagship Nintendo Switch game.

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